Trying something new…

I have been trying out a new background quilting stitch on one of the quilts I am finishing up for “The Quilter” — it is in a much larger scale than what I am normally used to. I think it’s worked out so far except I am not quite sure what to call it — slippery eels, flaming tongues…?

I got a call this morning from “Quiltmaker” that the sweetheart swag feather motif that I had designed for my quilt which appeared in Quiltmaker’s “Quilting & Embroidery” (Summer 2009) Ivory Spring will be included in the Quiltmaker’s Quilting Motif Vol. 7 coming out in November this year. Woo hoo!!!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a splendid day! Till next time! :)

17 thoughts on “Trying something new…

  1. It is a beautiful pattern. Are you using a sewing machine or a quilting machine? Long arm or short arm?

    I am using a home sewing machine – short arm. Up till now, all my quilting is done with my home sewing machine.

  2. I perceive that you not only have to be creative with your quilt designs, you have to be creative with naming them as well, haha! Congratulations to you on getting featured, I’m sure that will inspire many people.

  3. Congratulations on the much deserved recognition. I am going to have to subscribe to the Quilter just to keep up with you! I was thinking that the new quilting looked a little like sun rays on a very hot day.

  4. Some people call them “bananas” but I like “tongues of fire”. Congrats on another publishing!! My BQGF had the latest copy of “Quilter” the other day and she was flipping through the pages when I stopped her at your quilt. I said, “I know her!”…ok, even if it is only from bloggy world I still think it counts!!

  5. Even with a longarm, I find this particular background fill quite challenging to pull off successfully. And I’ve watched Karen McTavish’s DVD several times. You do it wonderfully!

  6. I am just simply in awe of the beauty that comes from your needle — and when I realized that you are the designer on my latest project, well, I was just speechless.

    Thank you , THANK YOU for sharing your incredible fabric & thread beauty!

  7. No wonder your quilt design is going to be in that collection! It’s just so stunning.
    The new quilting design is fun — but I sure can’t think of a name for it! Eels, maybe? :-)

  8. The design reminds me of the ripples of water after I throw a rock in a pond. I’m reading a book called “Born to Rule” by Julia P. Gelardi about 5 granddaughters of Queen Victoria. It was rather confusing at first, as it is a concurrent history, but now that I’ve got the names down, I’ve truly enjoyed the book. I’m going to get that book you told me about, it sounds interesting! I’m also going to try and obtain the autobiography of Queen Marie of Romania.

  9. Wendy…I just read in someone’s comment that you use a sewing machine? how can that be? I am in shock and awe. I have been searching for the quilters magazine and will go out today one more time but if I can’t find it again, I will order it online. It’s now my mission of the day…a regular sewing machine? I have sewn since my teens, not much in my later years and have never, ever seen anything like the work you do. Ok, I’ll stop.

    When I first saw your quilt in this post I thought of sea shells…I’m not sure why but it just reminded me of the sea and how beautiful the ocean is, I love shells.

    Oh, I gave you a little award on my blog but you are a busy woman Wendy, you should just continue on with your quilting!

    Kathi :)

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