Winter Blues: Sneak Peeks

Friends, it’s one thing when the weather is bitterly cold, but it’s totally different when a wind advisory is added to the bitter cold!  We had the cold and wind today.


Here are a couple of sneak peeks of my Winter Blues quilt:



I shall close out today’s post with just a few more visions of blues – my kind of blues! :)


roast beef6

roast beef10


And here is a quilt named China Blue I made for Quilt Magazine in 2012.  Click here to read more about the quilt.

China Blue1

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have yourself a lovely weekend, won’t you?  Hugs to you all — I shall catch up with you next week!

Teapot haven!

Given the choice of a nice piece of china and a nice piece of fabric, I think would always choose that nice piece of china – because I am dish-aholic!  How about you?  How many of you out there have a penchant for the ever so lovely breakables?


I came across an article about a tea shop owner having 1,000 teapots in her collection!  I am awestruck!  I can spend days being in the midst of those teapots, and just studying the details on them.

article-2452973-18A4144500000578-952_634x538[image source:  Daily Mail, UK]

I had fun playing I-spy with the teapots in the pictures.  I see teapots made by Paul Cardew, James Sadler, a few that are Staffordshire ware, and a couple of Brown Bettys in other colors.  Oh boy, oh boy, I would love to have a few of those teapots myself…. but I would have a hard time coming up with ideas on what to do with 1000 of those teapots!

What would you do with 1,000 teapots?  Click here to read the article.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely weekend, dish-aholic or not. :)

p.s.  Sew in Love {with Fabric} blog did a feature on my Manhattan quilt.  Click here to read the article.

China Blue in QUILT (October/November 2012)

I readily confess I am a dish-aholic – it’s on record!

So, my China Blue quilt is inevitably a natural course of events considering just how much I adore and just love dishes, especially the traditional blue and white china.

China Blue is also extra special because it is my first quilt being featured in QUILT magazine.

The fabrics for this quilt are from Benartex‘s (Kanvas Studio) Harmony Collection.

The blocks are paper-pieced pinwheels, and are fun to make too.  The accuracy of paper-pieced blocks really appeals to me.  The way the blocks are arranged and sewn together in the quilt ends up producing a secondary pinwheel effect:

[Image Source: QUILT magazine]

Here you see the quilt with some of my dishes:

I adore that scroll fabric used for the sashing:

Quilting was done with Aurifil Mako 50 thread (color 2310) over Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting.  You can catch a glimpse of the feather quilting I did on the quilt here:

Kits to replicate my China Blue are available for sale at Quilting Hen.  Click here to purchase the kit.

[Image Source: QUILT Magazine]

Oh wait, the instructions to make the coordinating 18″ x 18″ double-sided napkins you see nestling in the basket at the bottom of the table are free for download here.

[Image Source: QUILT Magazine]

I hope you have enjoyed my China Blue quilt!  If you collect red and white or any other color scheme, by all means substitute the colors and come up with your own version of your “china” quilt!  Now for the love of dishes and quilting, I leave you with one final china + quilt photo!

Quilt and Dishes meet…

… on my Mums the Word quilt.

If you have known me for any length of time, you would know that I am a dish-aholic!  Playing with my dishes is super fun for me.   My “me alone” play time has greatly diminished in the last year or so due to an increased workload and more attention needed for Miss Baby — playing with my dishes hasn’t been something I have done much at all of late. Although I know there is a season for everything, I do miss my dish-playing time.

While Miss Baby was having a date with the z-monster one afternoon last week, I decided to play a bit to experiment with some possible ideas for my Thanksgiving table.   In the ensemble below, I used an Armetale platter as the charger, and layered with a spongeware dinner plate, a Spode Cabinet Collection accent plate, a Portuguese Majolica leaf bowl, and a pumpkin.

Everything you see is old except for the spongeware plate and pumpkin.  Miss Baby picked out the “baby pucket” from one quick grocery run with my husband recently.  The spongeware plate is form the pieces I had purchased from a New England potter not too long ago.  These spongeware peices go nicely with my other autumn dishes by adding a bit of primitive feel amidst all the flourishes and swirls.

Here you see Mums on the quilt as well as on the accent plate:

I was playing away, and then I heard, “Mama, a-tairs”… translation: Mama, time for me to go downstairs.   My play time was up.  I  had thought about using my Mums the Word quilt for our Thanksgiving tablecloth, but I think I have decided against it due to the amount of quilting I have done on it.  I think I would rather use it as a display quilt, rather than a quilt for use.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures…  and if you have any fun ideas to share about Thanksgiving tablesettings,  I am all ears (rather, “eyes” since I will be reading your comments, and not hearing them! ;))

Stitching Butlers

A few months ago, I came across the Petit Point china pattern made by Royal Albert. The dishaholism kicked in, and I purchased a creamer and an open sugar bowl. The reason the Petit Point pattern appealed to me is because I do quite a bit of cross-stitching and handwork. The pattern is like a cross-stitch chart done in a much daintier fashion on bone china. I mean, how could a dishaholic stitcher like me resist those pieces?

I had bought those pieces with the intention of turning them into a pincushion/scissors stations and waste thread bowl combo. I spent a little time working on stuffing the creamer to make it into a pincushion, and both the creamer and the open sugar bowl now sit nicely by my stitching chair serving as my stitching butlers!

You recall many moons ago, I had made a teacup/saucer pincushion. I liked it well enough, except that I didn’t like the waste threads laying on the saucer in plain sight.

Thus, I came up with the idea of using the open sugar bowl to hold my waste threads.

If you are a stitcher, now you know what you can do with your extra creamer/sugar sets. If you aren’t a stitcher, you can easily turn your extra creamer/sugar sets into thoughtful gifts for your stitching friends – just follow the instructions I had for the teacup/saucer pincushion!

I really do like the look of the pieces that come in this pattern. The more I look at them, the more I like them. I am washed over by another strong wave of dishaholism – I am hearing pieces of this pattern calling my name – HELP!

Which would you pick?

These are three teacup and saucer sets done in the three colorways of RJR‘s A is for Anabelle fabric collection.  Which would you pick?  I am not normally a green person, but the green colorway is causing my heart to flutter…

Teacups and saucers have popped up at sundry times at Ivory Spring… because we are somewhat serious about teacups and such over here.

[Spode Delamere in a blue/brown autumn setting]

[Spode antique gilded unknown pattern amidst Benartex’s Silk Road fabrics]

[ Lomonosov Guipure among Russian-y things]

[Spode Sheffield in an English bookish setting]

[Mottahedeh Mandarin Blue in a traditional setting]

[Johnson Brothers Heritage White in a spring afternoon Chinese tea setting]

[Spode Blue Italian and Blue Geranium peeking from the china hutch]

[Royal Albert Lady Carlyle in a cottage setting]

Which would you pick out of this lot?

More fabrics!

Happy Monday, Everyone.  I hope all is well with you!   I worked a little over the weekend on my Autumn into Winter project (I have some sneak peeks for you tomorrow).  But for now, I thought I would show you some gorgeous fabrics I received over the weekend.  This is the blue colorway for the Americana Collection by Benartex.

You know I love blue and white dishes, but I actually haven’t made an all blue quilt.  So, I know I will have lots of fun working with these cold world floral  beauties:

Baby has been most excited to point out the flowers to me, and then “smelling” the flowers on the fabric:

These pineapples are just perfect to go with the Americana theme, don’t you think?

You may click here to read more about my Mandarin Bouquet collection:

That’s all for now, folks.  It’s going to be a super busy week for me.  Thank you for all your comments and emails you have kindly left for me last week — my email mailbox practically exploded!  I am working slowly but surely in responding to you.  Please forgive the delay.  Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful week!

Baby’s introduction to dish-aholism

This past weekend, Baby received her first tea service from her Uncle and Aunt. The colors are a perfect fit for my “To a Garden Tea Party” quilt. While Baby was napping one morning this week, with the quilt in tow, I went to work setting the table (coffee table that is) to give her a little surprise when she woke up from her nap.

I tried to keep the “garden” theme – so, a Lego tree with flowers, some wooden trees, and a wheelbarrow carrying a bird were used.

I did have to loan some things from my stash to add to the tablesetting – the “milk” pitcher, fake lavender sprigs, and my sterling salt spoon.

I sorted through our little stash of animal crackers, and picked out the ones that are complete:

Never mind that the tea set was meant for children above 8 years old…

… here Baby, who is barely 1 1/2 years young, demonstrated to me how to hold a teacup with class and finesse. I think Baby is officially introduced to dish-aholism, don’t you?! Oh, what fun awaits me!

It was a fun little exercise for us. We had no accidents or casualty during tea. No breakable pieces were broken. All the pieces were carefully stowed away in the box after we were finished with our tea.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this sweet little tablesetting set for a sweet little thing in my life. You must join us next time we have tea again.

Snippets from a birthday party

I like to use heirloom keepsakes whenever I can in decorating a table, especially for memorable occasions. For Baby’s birthday table, I decided to keep a traditional theme, sprinkled with the keepsakes that belong to her…

I am keeping a theme – so, you can see that the set up is a lot similar to the setup here

The silver punch bowl set was decorated with Baby’s heirloom wooden blocks Baby has played with (no, Baby doesn’t own the silver punch bowl set – that’s mine!):

Baby’s “important” papers during her first year of life – birth announcement, invitation to her little birthday party, and cards she received from dear friends:

Of course, plates commemorating Baby’s birth were used! :)

Baby’s feeding spoon with the porringer as added accents. Those are the things she had used regularly :

I displayed a couple of Baby’s heirloom dresses propped on a doll bed borrowed from friends. The grey bunny was Baby’s faithful companion in the earlier days:

THE CAKE! The design on the cake was inspired by the smocking on Baby’s birthday dress. I will post about the dress tomorrow:

I thought it would be nice to use candleholders that I didn’t have to throw away after the party. These are the Bunnykins candleholders that will be keepsake for Baby as well:

I used my Royal Albert Lady Carlyle dishes to match the cake:

Goodies for Baby’s buddies (you have seen that quilt before, haven’t you?! :) ):

Zooming in – my Baby Steps Quilt will be featured in Quilter’s World’s April 2010 issue. I already have this Birth Memory Quilt, now all I need is a cross-stitched birth sampler! And yes, I have that in the works too – stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting me. I hope you have enjoyed my Tablescape post. Come back tomorrow if you want to see the birthday dress! Meanwhile, have a lovely lovely day!

Blue & Brown Mix & Match

tablescape thursday

Inspired by my blue and brown quilt, I set out to play with my blue and brown dishes all together at one time.


I am usually a dish collection kind of gal when it comes to dishes, but I have to say that experimenting with mixing the colors together was very fun! The following are some of the combinations I tried:

#1 (you can tell I was a bit reserved in the beginning!)

blue brown1


blue brown2


blue brown3

#4 (then ever so slowly, I started to loosen up):

blue brown4

blue brown5

#5 (I started to be a bit more adventurous):

blue brown6

#6 (By now, dishes were starting to pile up on the floor, waiting to be auditioned):

blue brown7

blue brown8

#7 (I am bringing in more blues):

blue brown9

blue brown10

#8 (now comes the desserts):

blue brown11

blue brown12

Now, how about retreating to the drawing room to take some tea with me?

blue brown13

blue brown14

What do you think, my bloggy friends – should I, or should I not use my blues with my browns this year for Thanksgiving?

Stacks of teacups

blue monday

Hello Everyone.  I hope you have enjoyed your weekend, and Labor Day Weekend (for those who are in the US).  I am joining Blue Monday a little late, but better late than never… :)

It’s rare that I get to start my day with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Normally, I just hit the ground RUNNING (well, more like huffing and puffing!). I was able to do that this morning. I liked being able to go to the cabinet and pick out my teacup and saucer this morning. This is the view that greeted me:

stacked teacups

I had re-done my display a few days ago, and am liking the stacked look! I thought I would share with you a little insignificant thing that brought a smile to my face…

I do hope that your week will be stacked with many blessings!  Till tomorrow, my dear bloggy friends!

Confession of a dishaholic (part 4)

If you let a dish-aholic start collecting a set of blue and white dishes,

Confession #1: She will have to have other blue and white dishes to go with those she started out, and sink her love deeper and deeper and yet even deeper in the blue and white pile of dishes there are out there…

Confession #2: Then, she will think she needs to start collections of other dishes to balance out the blue/white monopoly in her cupboards…

Confession #3: Then, she will want to collect pieces for her silverware chest, piece by piece…

Confession #4: Then, she will have to have serving pieces to go with her silver ware…

platters (what a surprise, she would have blue/white transferware platters!)


passover platter



gravy boats


— pitchers and other tea-related thingamagigs!




— chargers



— bowls (big bowls, small bowls, shaped bowls, leaf bowls!)



Spode Italian5


— and of course, pyrex and pie-PALS!



— and this!


If you are inflicted with the same weakness as I am, I would love to know what serving pieces in your stash you use the most!

Thank you for stopping by and humoring me while I confess. I hope you have a fun-filled day!