… I have my own lively children, these Belleek “peasant children” of mine would do for now:

Well, they are really quite well-behaved. I have never heard them talk back to me. They seem perfectly content standing in the bookcase with nothing to do but just looking nice, without any complaints of summer boredom:

They always performed their duties beautifully for special occasions:

Including at my brother’s wedding – I did get a more “frontal” shot of my favorite floral arrangement of the entire wedding from my sister-in-law:

These kids aren’t too bad, are they? :) I promise more sightings of them in the near future!

Thanks to Kalianne for awarding me:


20 thoughts on “Until…

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  2. Ha! What sweet kids these are. They stay so nice and clean too. I like how you use them in different settings.
    Ahh the Mother ship is close to Bothell. It’s close to most of the places I visit when I’m up here…
    The floral arrangement is just beautiful. I love all the colors together!

  3. The best kind of children to have –no sassing and backtalk! [kidding]

    These look like milk glass. Are they? I love the red floral picks you have in them…and that VASE? Wowzers, is that ever beautiful too.

    My Show n Tell is now posted. Hope you can stop by for a visit. Have a glorious Friday.

  4. They look like they are hard-working busy bees too, and they never say they are hungry, such easy kids, what more do you want? Haha! Beautiful floral arrangement with all the pretty colours I love.

  5. Your belleek children are precious, I’m assuming they are antique but it’s so hard to tell these days. I have a sister who collects white ware and I have never seen anything like them, she would love them :). I’m glad you found another flower picture and one with your well behaved children. Your flower arrangements are incredible, to think you had to attend the wedding and make all those beautiful arrangements, wow!

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

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