… I have my own lively children, these Belleek “peasant children” of mine would do for now:

Well, they are really quite well-behaved. I have never heard them talk back to me. They seem perfectly content standing in the bookcase with nothing to do but just looking nice, without any complaints of summer boredom:

They always performed their duties beautifully for special occasions:

Including at my brother’s wedding – I did get a more “frontal” shot of my favorite floral arrangement of the entire wedding from my sister-in-law:

These kids aren’t too bad, are they? :) I promise more sightings of them in the near future!

Thanks to Kalianne for awarding me:

Flower Power Continues…

I had told you that I would try to track down more pictures of the floral arrangements I had made for my brother’s wedding.  Thanks to my sister, here are some new ones –

1.  This is the centerpiece for the head table.  I wish there were some frontal shots, but I don’t:

2.  A nice shot of the pedestal floral arrangement for one of the guest tables:

Here are some pictures from the original Flower Power post:

I hope you have an exciting weekend ahead of you!

Flowers that bring delight

Hello EVERYONE, Happy Monday to you!!!

This is one of ten floral arrangements I did for a wedding. A pillar candle with a hurricane shade had initially been part of the ensemble. After I brought it home, I displayed it without the candle for a different look:


Yes, I have enjoyed doing many other things these past few days. I have been catching up with cleaning (I actually do enjoy cleaning), reading, letter-writing, and some needlework. I should be able to show you some cross-stitch progress sometime this week.

Meanwhile, I am getting started with another wholecloth, entitling “Spanning Three Centuries – a tribute to unknown quilters”, I have been working on and off for the past few months. I just need to finish basting the quilt, and I am ready to START! :) Stay tuned for updates and pictures!

Flower Power

While I was working to overcome the setbacks and challenges in my “challenge-within-challenge” quilt, I thought of something that had cheered me up — FLOWERS! Here are pictures of some floral arrangements I had done for my brother’s wedding reception last year.

The total height of these pedestal floral arrangements is about 36 inches! I thought they were imposingly beautiful – and that was the effect I was going after. I ended up making four of these because that was all the rental place had. They were placed at the eye-catching tables scattered at four different corners to wow the guests as they entered the reception room.

At the house:

The actual event:

These were from the wedding ceremony itself, done by another lady. I “consolidated” and “re-arranged” after we took them home from the church. Can you believe I had to break out my 24″ punch bowl to fit all these flowers?

I am still trying to hunt down pictures of the other floral arrangements. I will post them later when I do. Who can subdue the power of flower? I love working with fresh flowers for floral arrangements except I don’t like the accompanying mess. You can imagine the mess in the aftermath of making those four huge pedestal display, seven regular arrangements to fit in wine buckets, and another wide-spreading display for the head table — I was fortunate, my Dad cleaned it all up for me!!! I was super-thankful!

Have a wonderfully flowery day, everyone! Till next time!