Flower Power Continues…

I had told you that I would try to track down more pictures of the floral arrangements I had made for my brother’s wedding.  Thanks to my sister, here are some new ones –

1.  This is the centerpiece for the head table.  I wish there were some frontal shots, but I don’t:

2.  A nice shot of the pedestal floral arrangement for one of the guest tables:

Here are some pictures from the original Flower Power post:

I hope you have an exciting weekend ahead of you!

28 thoughts on “Flower Power Continues…

  1. What a beautiful reception with your wonderful arrangements. I really like the table setting with the pink around the chairs. So pretty..

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  3. Those are some of the most gorgeous arrangments I’ve seen! The containers are as beautiful as the arrangements, were they done by family or a professional? Thank you for sharing your beauty today!

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

  4. How beautiful! I’m afraid I have no vision for making flower arrangements – mine all end up lopsided or thick on one side or just look like I’ve stuck things in there. And I once worked in a flower shop! Of course, they didn’t let me make arrangements! You have a great eye and a beautiful way with flowers. Blessings, marlene

  5. Those are beautiful! I worked occasionally for a friend who was a florist, but I could never master arrangements. I did corsages when the local college was having it’s concerts and plays, and bud vases for holidays. But I would agonize over a larger arrangement and never feel satisfied with it, whereas she could throw together something beautiful in 15 minutes. On the other hand, cross stitch was simple for me, but she had a hard time with it. That was one of my first inklings that people are creative in different ways.

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