A Flowery Wedding Tablescape



I had the privilege to help plan the tablescape for a wedding reception, and enjoyed it tremendously.

The guests “checked in” by referring to the seating chart that indicated at which table they were seated:

wedding10[See the feather quilting design?! Can you guess who is the mastermind of the design?! ;)]


wedding2[Silver chargers topped with menu cards with a “Who’s Who” section on the members of the wedding party greeted the guests when they entered the room.]

Instead of placecards, names of guests were done by calligraphy (by yours truly) on the menu cards for a different touch:


My favorite part of the entire preparation was being able to do all the floral arrangements for the occasion. I don’t have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination, but I sure love to do fresh floral arrangements!




The following are flowers at the head table. You notice my Belleek Parian China children are showing off themselves:




Yours truly interpreted the embroidery on the bride’s dress for the baker to  personalize the cake in a special way:


Cones of petal confetti used to welcome the newlyweds also graced the table to create a sense of continuity:



It was a lovely occasion, and a grand time was enjoyed by all.


Thank you for stopping by – I hope you have a lovely day!


… I have my own lively children, these Belleek “peasant children” of mine would do for now:

Well, they are really quite well-behaved. I have never heard them talk back to me. They seem perfectly content standing in the bookcase with nothing to do but just looking nice, without any complaints of summer boredom:

They always performed their duties beautifully for special occasions:

Including at my brother’s wedding – I did get a more “frontal” shot of my favorite floral arrangement of the entire wedding from my sister-in-law:

These kids aren’t too bad, are they? :) I promise more sightings of them in the near future!

Thanks to Kalianne for awarding me:

Flower Power Continues…

I had told you that I would try to track down more pictures of the floral arrangements I had made for my brother’s wedding.  Thanks to my sister, here are some new ones –

1.  This is the centerpiece for the head table.  I wish there were some frontal shots, but I don’t:

2.  A nice shot of the pedestal floral arrangement for one of the guest tables:

Here are some pictures from the original Flower Power post:

I hope you have an exciting weekend ahead of you!