I am so happy because…

… my David Austin Jude the Obscure is STILL blooming in the heat of summer, and it’s been HOT! The picture below was taken this morning when I returned from the Post Office. I love the open, but not quite open look of this particular blossom. And, and… don’t you just love the different shades of peach playing out among the petals?

My gardening history is such that I have killed more plants than I have successfully planted. So, now you know why I am SO happy! You may read more of my gardening posts here.

It’s been so fun chatting with you this week, my bloggy friends. I hope you are having a blast this weekend – whatever you are doing. I will be back on Monday! :)

5 thoughts on “I am so happy because…

  1. Your Jude is gorgeous! Well done. The shades of peach are a wonder. God is amazing. Have a lovely weekend. We have a wedding today. (My son’s best friend)

  2. I love, love roses with peach being my first favorite and yellow my second favorite. Or is coral my second favorite? Anyway, peach is the first. This one is just beautiful. I cannot grow roses but I do have a couple of bushes that grow themselves in the spring. I do not covet yours because that is a sin but I like yours. A lot. And I wouldn’t care if they were in my yard. Or some just like them. Blessings, marlene

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