Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #65


Hello Friends, I am happy to share with you a “faux” long-arm free motion quilting motif that I have quilted on my latest completed quilt.  I am going to show you how “quilting off the seat of one’s pants” works out in real life using a piece of paper.  The goal is to fill the paper with the motif — exactly like how we would quilt an allover quilting motif on a quilt.  So, first let’s look at the progression of filling up a space with quilting motifs, starting from #1.  The different colors denote different repeats of the motif.



So, here you see I “quilted” #1-9 with not much of any abnormality.  I do want you to note how I always have my “starting” swirl of each repeat going a different direction — as much as I can — that gives the overall effect a sense of movement!  I also want you to notice that the leaves aren’t in any particular shape as long as they taper inward, as well as the filler swirls I use to fill up some open space that is too small to fit another repeat of the motif.


I sort of quilted myself in a corner at #9, and have no convenient to get out to fill the remaining open area.  No big deal, cut the thread, and find a convenient spot to start again.  Thus #10 and so on, until an entire area is filled up.



Here is what is on paper transferred to a real quilt looks like on the back of my latest completed quilt…



Curious what the quilt looks like on the front?  I am afraid you have to wait.  All I can tell you is that my husband loves the quilt.  He has great taste, because he…. married me!  HAHA.  Please note I am totally cracking a lame joke at that one!  Alrightie, I shall catch up with you later!

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There and Back…

I was there (i.e. Rogers Sewing Center aka Sewing Mother Ship), and now am back (i.e. Home) – all within the span of a few short days.  I had a wonderful time in Northwest Arkansas.  I had a couple of unexpected turns (including an almost 4 hour delay at the airport on my way there last Thursday), but they all worked out!  The sweet quilting ladies made it all worthwhile!  It was nice to catch up with old friends, and make new friends.  My only regret is that I didn’t have at least 30 minutes to spend with each one.  Thank you to everyone who came to my presentation and classes, and a HUGE thank you to the Rogers Sewing Center Team who made it all happen!  I am still mulling over in my mind the stories told to me, especially the creepy ones!!! 


One of my college professors came to my presentation on Thursday night – talk about shock, surprise and absolute delight!  I commented to him that I must be eligible for the “Weirdest Chemical Engineering Alumni” award if there was one considering what I do now, compared to what I was trained to do.  I was a bit bummed out I didn’t get a picture with him.   But as it was, due to the flight delay I got there just in time to change, smooth down the wrinkles (!) and put on my lipstick and went out there to meet the group!   Mind you, I had been up since 2:30am that morning to get myself ready to go to the airport.  Nonetheless it turned out to be a most memorable day.  You can go to Rogers Sewing Center’s Facebook page to see more pictures.  And if you live in the area, and haven’t stopped by to meet Dan and Rhonda in person, you simply have to!  Mention my name, and they will give you the royal treatment… not that they don’t already treat anyone and everyone royally who walks through the door.  I owe them for the opportunities afforded to me in my quilting journey.  I wouldn’t have been able to do what I do without their encouragement and support all these years!


So, I always optimistically think I am able to keep up with emails etc while I am traveling.  I never learn…. so, I will be playing catch up for the rest of the week.   Oh, I was also forced to remember how much I didn’t miss packing school snacks for Miss Baby while I was gone.  I don’t know why, but I never know just what to pack for snacks for Miss Baby…


But come back tomorrow and anytime this week, I will have a couple of editorial features to share with you, finally. It took a third round of photo shoot to finally get some decent pictures of a couple of quilts!  So, I will catch up with you tomorrow!