Giveaway Winner!!!

Hello Friends, I was going to have this little wallhanging quilted to share with you, but I totally ran out of time!  So, please give me a couple more days.


Things are happening at my end, and I have spent the last few days working on an upcoming project that is personally exciting for me.  It is also something near and dear to my heart, but hasn’t been sufficiently expressed in my work until now. That’s all I can share with you until a later date.


For now… the winner of my Storybook Christmas giveaway, generously sponsored by Windham is: #3 Suzanne!  Congratulations – an email is sent to you asking for your mailing address.  Thank you ALL for playing along in the giveaway – I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your gift-giving pattern!


A little behind-the-scene tidbit:  Would you believe I had worked on the designs for this fabric group way back in August 2015?!  There are SO many steps involved in bringing a fabric group from idea to product, and I am happy to have played a small role in that lengthy process.  Click here for further information on any of the designs you see below:

Design 2a_66 x 72

Design 1a_56.5 x 77.5

Design 4d_39 x 45

High Res_4d_39 x 45_Keepsake Redo

Design 3d_39 x 50_rework

That’s all for now as I have more fabric calculations to do… but I do have more Christmasy musings to share.


#1.  Did you by any chance read my article on Aurifil’s website sharing about my three favorite batting?  Click here to read if you are curious.

#2.  Oh — and have you made my Aurifil Designer of the Month (July) “Sparkler” block?  Remember, you have till 14th to make your block and enter the giveaway of an Aurifil large thread spool thread box hosted by Pat Sloan. Click here to enter your block.  Click here if you haven’t downloaded the instructions to make the block.

These are the blocks I have made.  The blue and white block is going to be combined with the other designers’ block for the official blue/white Aurifil Designer of the Month 2016 quilt.


This block is one I make for my own quilt.  I have been playing around in my mind how I want my quilt layout to be when I have gotten 12 blocks completed.  I think I have finally come up with “the” layout!


8 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner!!!

  1. Always a treat to see what you have created, Wendy. Your Christmas items are so much fun!! and Christmas will be here way too soon! Thanks for your continued inspiration. Congratulations to Suzanne for being the winner of the give-away!!

  2. How exciting for me to win! Thanks Wendy and Windham for the giveaway. I will be anxiously awaiting the email asking for my info.
    I like your wallhanging.
    Thank you again…..

  3. Wendy you never cease to amaze! Your work is so beautiful . I’m in awe of the latest William Morris line and your quilt design for Hoffman – wow! And these Christmas quilts are the best ever! Do you use EQ7 to design your quilts? Congratulations to Suzanne!

  4. Scroll down to Wendy”s #1 question, and you can click on “here”, to get her take on batting. She’s a Hobbs girl and an Auriful thread user.

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  5. I really love your blue/white “X” block. I love how you added birds. It is on my must make list!
    Thank you for sharing it.

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