My Turn — Windham’s Christmas in July Blog Hop & GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy Monday, Friends.  I hope you had a great weekend.  I have been working on some REALLY exciting things, and can’t wait to share with you when the time is right.  But today, it’s my turn to have fun with Windham‘s Christmas in July Blog Hop…. well, August! :o)


And for my blog hop project, I chose to work with Windham’s newly released Christmas 30’s line, Storybook Christmas to make…


… small wall hanging using squares cut from these sweet fabrics + 3/8 yard of white fabric!


My wallhanging finishes at 22″ x 25″.  Each square finishes at 3″.  So, if you are wanting to make the wallhanging exactly like mine, you will need to cut 40 (3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) squares from the assorted prints.

From the white fabric, cut

widthwise, 3 (2 1/2″ x wof).  Subcut 2 (2 1/2″ x 21 1/2″) and 2 (2 1/2″ x 22 1/2″) strips for outer border strips.

widthwise, 1 (3 1/2″ x wof).  Subcut 2 (3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) and 16 (2″ x 2″) squares.



Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of 1 (2″ x 2″) square.  Place square, right sides together, at a corner of 1 (3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) print square.  Sew on drawn line.  Trim 1/4″ away from sewn line.  Open and press to reveal white corner triangle.  Repeat with another (2″ x 2″) square at the adjacent corner of the same print square to complete 1 sewn unit.  Repeat to make a total of 8 sewn unit that will be sewn in the rows to complete quilt center.

sewn unit

Refer to the diagram below, arrange and sew squares and sewn units to make pieced rows. Sew rows together to complete quilt top.

quilt center

To complete quilt top, sew 2 (2 1/2″ x 21 1/2″) white strips to the opposite long sides of quilt center, followed by 2 (2 1/2″ x 22 1/2″) white strips to the remaining opposite short sides of quilt center.

quilt top

And here you see I embroidered a bit of sweet nothings to one of the stars, using Aurifil’s embroidery floss. :)


There you have it.  Now, who is to say you have to stop there?  You are free to add borders to make the quilt larger and better!



I love this sweet fabric collection, and feel honored to have been asked to design with this fabric group, shown below.  A couple of the designs were displayed at Windham’s booth during Fall Market last year.


Holiday Forest: kits are available for purchase here.

Design 2a_66 x 72

Gift Boxes – kits are available for purchase here, and here.

Design 1a_56.5 x 77.5

Star Bright Blue: kits are available for purchase here.

Design 4d_39 x 45

Star Bright traditional – quilt kits are available for pre-order here.

High Res_4d_39 x 45_Keepsake Redo

Storybook Christmas – quilt kits are available for purchase here and here.  This is a really neat project in that it uses panel blocks meant for a fabric book in a quilt, and the entire quilt tells a story!

Design 3d_39 x 50_rework

GIVEAWAY:  We’ve covered quite a bit, but that’s not all!  Windham is generously giving away a FQ bundle for Storybook Christmas to a Continental US address.  Leave a comment between now and next Monday, and I will pick and announce a winner on next Tuesday.  Tell me if you make or buy your Christmas presents.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week!

134 thoughts on “My Turn — Windham’s Christmas in July Blog Hop & GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I make gifts and make gift card holders for those holiday cards. I saw a tutorial for reuseable gift tags during a Hop and I plan to give those a bit of play this year.

    • This information you are providing is good. Like so many of you, I try to learn a little bit more about myself each day. Ireally enjoyed every single minute reading this. I’m naming my daughter after you. Other then that, great points!

  2. I love making Christmas presents. Ornaments, containers, towels, covered books etc.
    I would love to win some fabric :-D
    Happy Monday Wendy

  3. Darling fabrics that would be wonderful in the gifts I make for Chirstmas. This year homemade gifts will be embroidered dish towels and small zippered bags.The fellas usually get a gift card and sometimes a quilt made just for them.

  4. I’ve always made things for Christmas, but I also love looking for a special present or two for everyone every year. Thanks, Wendy, for the opportunity to win some of that delightful fabric! Have a great day

  5. I love the 30s Christmas fabrics!! I try to make most of my gifts for Christmas and especially for my quilt group and and our Christmas Bible study gathering. Thanks for the cute and QUICK pattern!

  6. I try to make as much as I can, but am not always successful. Usually I start too late and think I can do more than I actually can.

  7. I usually buy the presents but I have been making ornaments. Your pattern is lovely and would work for other fabric lines as well.

  8. I make most of the gifts I give at holiday. I am thinking of the recipient during the making and it seems much more significant and aapreciated.

  9. A mixture of making and buying, I have friends who really appreciate my home cooked Christmas goodies and thene there are some who only appreciate a known label. Their loss – my homemade items are the best!

  10. While I always envision making lots of Christmas gifts, reality sets in about Dec 5th and I usually can only finish 2 or 3 in time! I bet I am the only one with this problem….

  11. I make gifts for close friends and family. I also enjoy making gifts for my neighbors. This year I’m embroidering tea towels for them.

  12. I love making gifts for those special people and those family members who appreciate receiving them. One year it was pillowcases for all grandkids (using fabrics that mirrored their interests) and last year was those wonderful flip and stitch wreaths. I just love Christmas and all the festive fabrics. Thanks Wendy and Windham Fabrics for the opportunity to win some!

  13. I usually start in September to make my gifts for Christmas. I also make peanut brittle & fudge for all my friends. My gift giving that I buy starts right after Christmas(the sales!) So some are bought & some are made. Love, love, love Christmas shopping!

  14. I like to make gifts for friends and family. I think it adds such a personal touch and let’s them know they are special to me. This summer I have been working on patriotic table runners as gifts for family and friends. I would love to win this fabric. Thank you!

  15. Thanks so much for the cute Christmas wall hanging. I also love that you’re having a give-away! SUPER!! Thanks for giving us a chance to win!!

  16. What a sweet little quilt, and I love the rest of the designs, especially the book quilt. I do make most of my gifts, usually pajamas. I better get started soon! I do have a quilt to finish for my son.

  17. Such a cute little quilt. Wouldn’t it make a wonderful gift for my co-worker? Hmm, better get busy. I love to make Christmas gifts for family and friends.

  18. I have a co-worker that teaches Sunday school to pre-school age. I made her a simple tote to carry supplies. I would make her a Christmas tote, and my mom a wall-hanging. Gosh, it is already August. I gotta get busy!

  19. I make some (whatever time allows) and I buy some. Love your wall hanging and absolutely would love to win the story book fabrics. My little granddaughter will be almost 2 this Christmas. I would love to make the quilt for her. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  20. I try to make quilts each year for Christmas gifts for my grandsons. I started making new quilt and pillow sets for the boys a few years ago. Last year the theme was dinosaurs, not sure what they will ask for this year.

  21. I love to make at least some Christmas gifts, back in 2012 each grandchild received a quilt! This year we have a new little grandson due to arrive the week before Christmas but if he’s as late as his mother was, it may just be Christmas day! These fabrics are really sweet and I’d love to win a bundle to use in gifts for our little quilt ministry group.

  22. Wow! Thats a lot of quilt designing. I usually do a combination of make/buy as I just run out of time! Thanks for sharing a great giveaway.

  23. Having 6 grandkids and 6 kids plus spouses gives me lots of opportunities to stitch away at Christmas…making all the gifts…it’s not the electronics or the “I want” presents but hopefully ones they’ll cherish from Nanna.

  24. I generally give everybody on my list something home-made (cookies work all the time, knitted socks or mittens, quilted table runners).

  25. I just bought the panel to make the last quilt on your Windham’s Christmas In July. It is so cute and I could use more of the assorted Christmas print. Love all you ideas!

  26. Oh my goodness! Love your Wallhanging!! Loooove the 30’s Christmas fabrics soooo much! I try to make just about all the gifts we give…most made with fabrics..and a few in the kitchen too (Caramel Corn, Fudge, and Cookies)

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! :D

  27. I love making gifts, but somehow I forget to get started early enough for everyone to get something handmade. Two Christmases ago, I did make 20 Sew Together bags! Last year I did pillowcases for the nephews.

  28. I love making Christmas gifts! I need some new input – just got back from vacation and need a jump start on my creativity!! Thanks for all the gorgeous quilts to inspire me!!!

  29. I do both…..each of my 3 girls and 3 grandchildren get a quilt, or a quilted wallhanging, placemats, etc…plus some homemade cookies and candy. I also try to buy each one (plus the hubby bubbies) something unique that I think they would like but not buy for themselves. It gets more challenging each year! Thank you and Windham for these giveaways….Christmas will soon be upon us!

  30. I like to make presents for people–but never plan far enough in advance to have them done!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I buy most of my Christmas gifts. I make only a few special little gifts. Actually, for my adult children we usually give them money at Thanksgiving time and ask them to buy their own Christmas gifts. Then they wrap them and open them with us at Christmas so we can have the joy of seeing them open what they like. No shopping for us. No returns. And they get what they truly enjoy. Getting older.

  32. make some, buy some. my eligibility is problematic … Alaska is noncontiguous to the rest of the states, but still on the same continent. so my address is continental? would love to have this bundle!

  33. I like to make as many as I can. I knit as well as quilt and sew. I’ve knit a knitted squares blanket I just have to crochet together for a DGS. I am knitting a sweater for a DD. Two quilts are in the works, twin-size, for 2 DGD. I always sew new flannel PJs for the grandchildren too. They seem to look forward to them. I’ll continue Christmas sewing up to the last minute. I just love to do it! Thanks for the chance.

  34. I love 30s repros! Thanks for all the fun patterns. I love to make at least one handmade present a year, usually a table runner or throw quilt for whichever family member I am lucky enough to draw. There are too many people for me to make something for everyone! :)

  35. I wish I could make more Christmas gifts, but time just isn’t as available to me as I wish it was! This year though, I hope to make each of my 2 kids a throw-sized quilt for lounging on the couch. Fingers crossed it happens!

  36. I have so many gifts to give just for family that I can not make them all. I do make several though and I make sure my sewing friends get something home made.

  37. Another darling pattern from you, Wendy! It’s always like Christmas for me to visit your blog and find another free pattern or little tutorial :-)

    I don’t exchange many Christmas gifts anymore, but now that I’ve discovered quilting I am trying to make them instead of buying. I’ve got a jelly roll of darling Laurel Burch holiday themed cat fabrics on my cutting table, ready to start a project. I’m forcing myself to finish two more UFOs, and then starting the kitty fabric quilt will be my reward!

  38. Love these fabrics! I make some gifts and buy others … depends partly on the wishes of those I’m gifting, and partly on the time I have available. Thanks for the chance!

  39. Great fabrics and patterns. You are so talented, I love everything you come up with. I make some and buy some. Just depends on time, money and the person.

  40. Sew many cute Christmas quilts. Thanks for the ideas. I like to make Christmas gifts. A tradition for about 13-14 years, grandkids each get a personalized pillowcase. I began with two and have added to nine grandchildren. I alreafy have the main fabric.

  41. I make as many as possible and buy some when someone has a specific request. I love homemade gifts but don’t have enough time to make as many as I would like.

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  43. I’m sorry to say, I buy gifts because that time of the year I don’t have time to make all my friends and family something special.

  44. Love this retro looking Christmas fabric . . . Reminds me of a vest I made for my niecea 30 years ago.
    fdemmert at windstream dot net

  45. I usually try to make my gifts for Christmas. I have begun to make small zippered purses for the girls and put gift cards inside them. It’s a little harder to come up with different things for the guys though. I love all the options you showed with this new line. Makes me want to make them all!

  46. I love to make one or two special gifts each year. Our family is very large, so there is no way to make something for everyone each year. But this Christmas will be very special with our first grandbaby. I have been looking at all the storybook collections from Windham. They bring back such fond memories of the illustrations in the readers I learned to read from.

  47. My BQF loves 30’s fabrics, I would love to make something special for her. I don’t usually set a goal of making Christmas gifts, I don’t like the pressure, but I do like to make gifts for people, I may or may not give them at Christmas – I usually give them as they are made.

  48. I make most of my gifts…..that way they come from the heart. I also make at least 2 or 3 new Christmas decorations each year.

  49. I do both. We have a round robin in my extended family and I always try to make something for the family I have. I also like to make at least one thing for my kids. I spend a lot of time making and when there’s something “For me?!” it’s pretty special.

  50. I do both also!! Wish there was more time to make all my gifts, but with working full time I just cannot do it!! I love these Christmas fabrics, they are all so bright and cheerful!! Thanks for a great Christmas post, you’ve got me thinking of some new projects!!!

  51. Wendy, your block is beautiful–The little touch of embroidery is exquisite!
    I make/sew all of my Christmas gifts. I have a list that I work front all year starting right after the last year. I’m sorry to say that my list is longer than my finished gifts at this time, but I plod along on it and make changes as Ithe year unflods. I love the 30s fabrics and have no Christmas 30s fabrics.

  52. We only buy for the young grands now, but I usually make them all something. Two years ago I made them all an I Spy lap quilt. This year, I’m making them a bed pillow.

  53. I make and buy my gifts. There are just five of us now and since everyone is an adult and spread across the country we really don’t do that much Christmas. I wish the outlook for little ones around was more positive but I’ve been informed it’s going to be another year at least before there are new tiny members of the family. Rina

  54. I would love to be able to make all my Christmas presents! I usually end up buying, but it’s just for my niece and she likes the name brand stuff anyway.

  55. Christmas is about gifts of love and I try very hard to honor that tradition by making something a gift each Christmas… it may very well be a quilt, or something from my baking endeavors… last year a gave my brother a compilation of my favorite “southern” recipes and he loved that I did that for him :) Gifts from the heart are the best gifts

  56. In Christmas’ past, I bought all presents. Last year, I made some of the gifts, but this year I am really excited by all of the Christmas blog hops and gifts that everyone is making plus all the tutorials that so many are sharing! So I am sewing, quilting, hand embroidering and making wreaths even to brighten everyone’s holiday. I adore your Christmas Wall Hanging and am sure to be making it. Thank You for sharing it. Have a fantastic creative day!

  57. While I love handmade gifts I try to limit myself at Christmas to one or two plus teacher gifts. I find making handmade for birthdays or other special occasions helps prevent stress and feeling overwhelmed at Christmas!

  58. This year I plan on giving hand made gifts along with a few store bought. After seeing your wall hanging pattern I will be making a gift for myself as well!

  59. I do a combination of buying and making presents! Some people…sniff….do not appreciate handmade items…so I have learned to buy something and only give my work to people who love hand made!

  60. I usually try and make some Christmas ornaments for the grandkids. Come September I’m usually looking forward to snow by then and a change of the season. Thanks for the chance at winning some cute Christmas fabrics….

  61. I try and make a lot of my ornaments and presents. It is so much easier and profitable. And I love that people are grateful that I took time to make.

  62. I usually buy Christmas presents as I am too slow of a maker. Although having said that, I do have a tablerunner in progress for my sister I started last year and maybe I will get it finished for her by next year. Hahaha…see what I mean? I get distracted by the new thing I want to try all the time, so I need to go back and finish all my projects I’ve started. I’ve decided this is the year for that, so of course, I started The Splendid Sampler…oh, dear…

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