Thread Journey Part 4 – we are starting to quilt!!!


Hello Friends, HAPPY HAPPY Thursday!  I hope you are doing well.  This was what you saw last of my Thread Journey quilt a few weeks ago…



I am happy to share with you pictures of the quilted quilt center!!!  I will just let the pictures do most of the talking today.









Click here to read more about the quilting process, posted on Auribuzz (Aurifil’s blog).  Be sure to read my deepest/darkest quilty thought at the end.  Don’t worry, it has a happy ending!

Before I key-off, I thought you might enjoy a bit of Miss Baby anecdote.  We were walking back from camp…

Me: When we get home, you will need to help me out by doing your Math work on your own.  I have a lot of get done today, and I am a bit stressed out.

Miss Baby:  Sure.  I will do that.  It’s a good thing you are used to it.

Me: Used to what?

Miss Baby: Stress!

Me:  Oh…. (so much for trying to get some sympathy from my own offspring!) :oP

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a fanta-bulously stupendous day!!!!


6 thoughts on “Thread Journey Part 4 – we are starting to quilt!!!

  1. “Out of the mouths of babes.” You never know what it will be. Your quilting is beautiful, Wendy. Heading over to the Aurifil site to learn more about the process. “Harmony” is coming along nicely, almost caught up!!😊

  2. Wendy, I’ve read through everything you posted and went to all the hyperlinks. Thank you for all the information. I’m relatively new to domestic machine quilting and from this project along with your expertise and wisdom I plan to become a darn good beginner :). I’m a bit confused about our “homework” for part 1 of quilting. Do I use a fabric friendly marker and mark the whole quilt with the designs or do I only mark the center. I’m guessing as a beginner I would not just try to quilt without marking 1st – right? Then do I really start quilting? I was thinking of using a somewhat contrasting color so I could see my quilting easier – do you agree or have other thoughts? Sorry for all the questions.

    Thank you in advance for your advice, Deb

  3. I’m going to go pin my quilt. I didn’t know if I should mark it first…
    Miss Baby’s lack of sympathy comment reminds me of a Mother’s Day when my daughter was about her age. I had fixed dinner and the dishes were left… I though surely my husband and daughter would do the dishes after I had made dinner. My daughter said, “Take it easy, Mom, it’s Mother’s Day. You can do the dishes tomorrow.” I know how you felt!!!

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