Reinforcement & Repair!

Most of the time, my life is rather boring and uneventful – and I like it that way.  Once in a long while, I experience something that spices up my life just a little… like my “boot” incident at Fall Market last year.  More about my book incident here.  Now, my boot is finally getting the real repair!


Thanks to the guys at Houston’s GRB Convention Center for carpet-taping the heel securely to the sole of my boot… secure enough for me to get through my last day at Fall Market 2015 and come back home.  I had only brought one pair of shoes for my trip.  And thanks heaps to my husband who always takes time out to repair broken toys, … and a left boot!

Thus is a day in the life of a quilter. :)  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a blessed day!

6 thoughts on “Reinforcement & Repair!

  1. And such cute boots too. Glad that they are in the hands of an expert “cobbler.” It’s definitely boot weather in my neck of the woods…….

  2. My first thought was identical to Treadlemusic… “Necessity is…”.
    I use a lot of duct tape and bailing wire. I will now add carpet tape to my emergency supply closet. You have a sweet husband, too, to fix your boot!

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