Post Houston Fall Market #2

We were dazzled by the bling, the glitz, the creativity overload, the finishing touches…. and rightfully so!


Image: Origami stork display at RJR’s Booth, Fall Quilt Market 2015

When all the booths were being set up the day before Market, I saw these ground crew guys quietly working alongside the exhibitors!  The exhibitors were certainly the heroes of the show — all the planning and brainstorming are not to be taken for granted.  But the ground crew guys…. they had to deal with jaywalkers like me who would often dart in front of them (without thinking) as they were trying to deliver things to certain booths etc.


And then, they even fixed the heel of my boots that came loose from walking in the epic(!) rain puddles … with carpet tape! SERIOUSLY!!!  These two gentlemen were trying hard not to laugh at my boot calamity.  They duly measured the length of my booth, and stuck a piece of carpet tape between the heel and the shoe of my left boot…. and asked me to “press down a bit to make sure the tape really sticks”.  The guys at the GRB Convention Center — they were my heroes at Market this year!!

Heroes are oftentimes unsung…. thanks for stopping by!  I shall catch up with you later!

9 thoughts on “Post Houston Fall Market #2

  1. Sounds like it takes the entire crew to make a successful Quilt Market. Great story, one you will never forget!! Sounds like a fun time.

  2. I enjoy hearing stories like this! Knowing that the unsung heroes do wonderful things that make the world (or a person with a shoe problem) a better place. Thank you for sharing and making me smile after I somehow just managed to unsubscribe myself from every blog I follow on WordPress. So, now this evening I will be resubscribing. LOL at myself. Have a wonderful creative day!

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