Post Houston Fall Market #1

I have decided this is going to be my new hair color, now that I have been to Market and back…


Well, no, not really…. this is one of the skeins of threads from Aurifil’s thread “waterfall” display at their booth this year.  It was AMAZING!  Many of you have probably seen pictures of the display on various sites.




And here is a picture of my Birds, Stars & Swirls quilt (officially called Thread Journey) displayed at Aurifil’s booth this year.  Having a quilt displayed at Aurifil’s booth is definitely one of my Market highlights this year.


My quilt draped on one of Aurifil’s crates during set-up day.



This entire quilt is constructed with threads from Aurifil‘s Subtle Strings collection — consisting of my favorite colors to use for subtle contrasting quilting.  I included in the thread box my go-to color 2310, which I had used for piecing this quilt.  I used the other colors to quilt at various spots on the quilt.



You can see better in this following picture what I mean about the different colors being used to quilt the quilt.


I had shared a couple of pre-yoyo sneak peeks last week:



The following picture is post-yoyo.


Sometimes, subtlety goes a long way.  You can see the subtle contrast better on the back of the quilt.  Thank you to Windham Fabrics for providing the fabric for my backing fabric.  I used a slate-ish gray from their Palette collection (37098-3).



I showed this very quilt at one of my Schoolhouse sessions.  THANK YOU to all of those who took the time later to tell me you liked my quilt.  It meant heaps to me!  [For those who are new — I free-motion quilted the quilt with my Bernina home machine.]

I wasn’t able to take very many good pictures of this quilt.  For the record, the last yoyo was officially attached onto the quilt at 9:30am on the day of Schoolhouse.  After that, I was rushing to get ready to get on with my day.  The quilt is supposed to come back to me for a short little while for me to take better pictures before it heads of to an exciting adventure!  More about that later.

I will have more snippets to share this and next week, in addition to catching up with other posts that have been scheduled.  For now, I have to unpack, and re-pack myself again for my next trip to Annie’s Craft Festival this Thursday.  Later, Dear Friends!

25 thoughts on “Post Houston Fall Market #1

  1. You just blow me away with your quilts. I have been quilting for 35 years and can’t begin to do these types of things. Something is just inborn in you I guess.

  2. I am in awe, almost speechless, but not quite. What a beautiful little quilt! You seriously raised the bar with this design and quilting. I am a beginner FMQer, and I am finally at the stage where I’m beginning to absorb talk about needles and threads and not feel overwhelmed. I learned so much from this post! Aurifil had an amazing display and your little quilt was certainly a highlight!

  3. Your quilt immediately made me smile – it’s so pretty and such a happy quilt design. And, as usual, your quilting is extraordinary. Oh, how I love the colours in your box of threads – that’s a fabulously useful group of colours!!

  4. Just beautiful! I wish i had been there! It’s on my bucket list. Congratulations on your own thread collection as well as having your quilt displayed with Aurifil. I love the mix of piecing and applique along with the yo-yos.

  5. So glad you had a good time at market. Love the latest quilt with the little bird. Your little birds make me smile.

  6. Such a delightfully pretty quilt! I really like the way you used so many different colored threads to quilt this; it really adds so much extra interest. Congrats for being chosen by Aurifil. Plus having your own thread collection as well. I know they chose the right quilt and you to have these honors! You are an amazingly talented quilter. Have a wonderful creative day!

  7. The Aurifil booth is heavenly! Thanks so much for showing the back of the quilt! The front is beautiful, and as someone that quilts my own quilts, seeing the back of the quilt is always a thrill too! At our guild’s Machine Quilting Bee our show & share is never complete until we flip the quilts over to check out the backs! Just checked into my hotel for Festival and will be up bright & early for a class tomorrow! I’ll definitely be stopping at the Aurifil booth for your gorgeous collection!

  8. So glad that is not your hair. It looked very dry :-P
    I love this quilt so much.
    Lucky you got to go byebye. I am sure Miss Baby missed you.

  9. Oh my, definitely a “Wendy” quilt. It is gorgeous. I love the design with the swirls and birds and stars. Colors are beautiful, threads are awesome. What else can I say? I Love it!!!!! Sounds like you had a great adventure at Market. Off to another adventure, how exciting!! how nice that you can reap the rewards of your efforts……. enjoy. Lots of Hugs………….

  10. beautiful Quilt-I just love your quilting and although I do free hand quilting I have never been able to replicate patterns-like you can. I must need more practice.

  11. Your quilt is nothing short of gorgeous ….and the quilting……….well, exquisite doesn’t even begin to describe how beautiful the entire creation appears. Color choice of both fabric and thread is a visual celebration. I am FMQ feathers in the border of a queen-sized quilt on my Mom’s old Bernina 930. I have two newer machines, both good and reliable, but the Bernina is my go-to workhorse. First, it was sentimental; then it became very apparent that the very best stitches are made by my 25+ year old Bernina. My goal is to make my feathers as beautiful as yours are. Your work is an inspiration; thank you for sharing.

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