Snowbirds in FONS & PORTER’S QUILTING QUICKLY (November/December 2015) & Giveaway!

Hello Friends, I hope you are well.  Where I am at, we are currently living like snowbirds in a giant ice chest… we got snow last night… we haven’t even had the “epic” snowstorm/blizzard predicted for us this weekend. All the snow stuff gives me the perfect excuse to share my Snowbirds quilt with you!   The quilt was featured in Fons and Porter’s Quilting Quickly (November/December 2015) issue.



Snowbirds is totally precuts friendly, and a quick and easy to make and finish lap quit that will surely sweeten anyone’s life.  I love the mix of black, brown, green, orange, purple and pink together.  I had used a Katherine Ann Patty Cake, designed by Patrick Lose for RJR Fabrics.

Design 1a_40 x 49

Here are a couple more pictures… here you see the quilt with my favorite childhood books that are now also Miss Baby’s, and her “Kotik” (after the white seal in The Jungle Book).



I quilted feathers in the style of “trip around the world” using Aurifil 50 wt thread over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.  These are long feathers compared to the usual ones I quilt. It’s always more difficult to quilt large on a domestic machine.  If you do, make sure you know your stitching path well.


GIVEAWAY:  RJR Fabrics is generously sponsoring the giveaway of a Kathrine Ann Fat Quarter bundle. THANKS, RJR Fabrics!

TO ENTER:  Between now and next Thursday (1/28/2015)leave a comment and tell me what your favorite theme(s) for fabric lines is – kids, florals, novelty, etc.  Winner will be announce the following Monday.

MEANWHILE, you may watch a video tutorial hereand purchase the quilt kit here.

I am still running late — and haven’t had a chance to catch up on your emails and blog comments.  Hope to get to them soon.  However, I did find this gem of advice from a Dove chocolate wrapper my husband left on my work desk a couple of days ago… NOW, I know why I am always running behind on things – I am not staying up until the sun rises!!!


Thanks so much for stopping by.  You all take care, and enjoy the rest of your day!


p.s.  You might think you had seen the fabrics featured on this blog.  You did!!!  I had another editorial feature with the same fabrics — Sherbet Stars in McCall’s Quilting (Jan/Feb 2016).  Click here to view more pictures.



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98 thoughts on “Snowbirds in FONS & PORTER’S QUILTING QUICKLY (November/December 2015) & Giveaway!

  1. I love fabrics with antique colors such as muted blues, pinks and creams to make the quilt look timeless. Love your blog posts!!

  2. Great quilt, and thanks for more inspiration on the feather quilting. I have a few that would work well with Around the world. I adore florals. And I love Dove chocolates. I’ve gotten “hit the snooze button” a few times, which is probably the day after “stay up until sunrise”. lol

  3. Floral Designs are usually my favorite fabric theme is. Yet, recently we found out that my Niece is going to have a little girl. It is the first baby in our family in about 21 years, so I am going crazy with anything girly/baby print right now and most likely for awhile. I am the only one in our family that sews or quilts so I get to have all sorts of fun!! Thank you for sharing and just a note of encouragement it may take a tad bit, but you will get everything caught up and running on time again. I always enjoy your posts; have a fantastic creative day!

  4. Wendy, I absolutely love your posts and I often go back and reread them. I also enjoy the pictures you post of the machine quilting. You inspire me!
    Laura Watson

  5. I hope you survive the storm – stay inside under a quilt! Hard to pick a favorite fabric – hand dyes I’d say.

  6. HELLO,it is Florals; but I like to do Charity Baby Quilts, so i select many Children’s prints too. Thanks to You+RJR for a grand giveaway!

  7. This is a very hard decision for me to make but I would have to say that nature and florals depicted on a batik fabric is my downfall, however, with other cottons it is florals.

  8. I like to try and match the quilt style, colors etc. to the person for whom I am making the quilt. For boys its usually geometric patterns, solids etc. Almost all fabrics seem to fit for a girls quilt but the final choices really depend on whether it’s a ‘girly girl or more on the Tom boy side. It’s a challenge but makes it all very fun.

  9. I don’t really care for “theme” fabrics that are large and dominate a quilt. I prefer a range of textures and patterns, colors that work well together but aren’t too blended. Themes are okay, but I prefer them to be subtle, so that the texture/pattern is the dominant impression. And I love Christmas.

  10. I used to always look at mainly floral patterned fabric but now am leaning more to the plain or more modern themed fabrics. I love all fabric truthfully.

  11. As always, busy lady. Love the “Dove” note from your husband……. Fun colors, fun fabrics in both quilts. However, I tend to be a floral person. Stay inside, all cozy and warm. We are damp and cold here in Middle TN, rain expected tonight. Then the big storm is likely to hit.

  12. Florals, geometrics. Paisleys. If I’m doing it for a specific person, fabric to suit the personality. We now have options for everything!

  13. Florals and geometrics. Lots more options now than 40 years ago when I had more time for quilting. I enjoy your blog.

  14. I’ve been tending to choose fabrics more on color lately. I love the happy colors in this quilt! Designs I’m drawn to are geometries, florals, and stripes.

  15. I really love the fabrics you’ve used in this quilt. All such great colors. Beautiful quilt and fabrics.
    I am drawn to florals, but more specifically, I tend to like smaller prints. That said however, I also very much like the 30’s fabrics and also bright colors. I guess I really don’t have any certain theme, although if you were to look at most things I make, they always have a shade of purple. Is purple a theme? LOL

  16. I love brights! That being said, I change the colors often. Lately I’ve been drawn to deep blues, purples, and greens with geometrics. I love the quilting you did on this sweet quilt.

  17. I like working with red , white and blue for the American Hero quilts. The mixture of solids, blenders and prints. My 2nd favorite is novelty prints for kids.

  18. Beautiful quilt, as always, Wendy! Since I mostly make charity quilts for young children, I’m drawn to lines with bright colors and simple prints. I personally love florals, but find them limiting when trying to create gender-neutral designs. Geometrics are particularly welcome!

  19. I love small florals, and if the line has a coordinate stripe or solid/tone on tone, then I will buy several different from the same line. Your quilting is beautiful as always, and I am headed to watch the video now. Getting ready for the “big snow” here as well! By the way, I used to say to everyone that I would get to their priorities during my spare hour, which I said was midnight to 1 am… Now, that said, I worked in my studio until 1230 am last night, and I am exhausted and ready for a name at 5:45 pm; with supper and household tasks that await me. I hope you do take time to enjoy your lovely family!

  20. Your quilt is beautiful. I love botanicals especially the ones that have an organic or realistic look to them

  21. That looks great, Wendy. I like how you did those feathers in that design.

    I would say that I prefer florals or geometrics in fabric designs.

  22. My favorite fabric theme is 30s repros. There is just something about them that makes me smile. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Stay safe…& the storm heads your way Sending prayers to all in the way too…my daughter lives near Raleigh, NC,,,they are bracing for it there too.

    I love florals! & fun novelty one’s sometimes too. Thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way! :)

  24. The fabrics that I use the most are blenders such as tone on tone, though I love great florals and Christmas fabrics.

  25. Your quilt is just lovely. Makes me want to sing DeLovely. I really don’t have a favorite theme. Just about anything works for me depending on my frame of mind. Last week I needed geometrics.

  26. I love florals and childrens fabrics. I tend to make a lot of baby quilts. Very pretty, I just love stars.

  27. I adore florals, especially a fabric line with a large one that also has coordinating smaller florals. I also like small prints like shirtings that will blend with the florals—especially those that have a vintage look. Your feathers are beautiful….the long feathers are very graceful looking. I very much like the way you started in the center and radiated the quilting out in diamonds. I would NEVER have thought to quilt flying geese like that—up until now anyway. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the possibilities of feather placement. Truth be told, I would quilt feathers on every quilt. Blessings….stay warm and safe….Have fun in the snow with Miss Baby.

  28. I have been leaning toward geometries, but have to admit color is more important. Love, love the colors (and florals) in this

  29. Hi, I love the colours in this collection. I am currently planning a baby quilt for my great niece to come. I like prints that let the quilt flow from babyhood to childhood. So I guess children prints are in my mind at the moment.

  30. Lovely quilt! I am partial to juvenile fabrics- probably because I have 2 little ones! However, I am trying to buy more blenders and lower volume fabrics that are a bit more “grown up” :)

  31. I love this fabric line and I love the quilt you made with it. I gravitate toward small floral prints – especially ones with blue in them. Thanks!

  32. First–I really like your quilt! The fabrics “sing” with the understated pattern, and your quilting is the shining sun that gives life to the birds. With the addition of the black prints, the fabrics look entirely different.
    I have loved 30s fabrics, Kansas Troubles, and batiks with a few novelties thrown in for special projects. That said, I am now being drawn to bright, fresh modern palettes. Sew many quilts, sew little time…

  33. I’m loving all the modern fabrics that have been coming out. Happy New Year, Happy New Fabric! thanks for the chance

  34. My favorite theme at this point are prints with lots of visual texture. For images, I am crazy about birds right now.

  35. So exciting to find your post today — I just ordered the kit yesterday– I am drawn to batiks, right now I’m going thru a modern and solids phase– I love everything!

  36. I honestly have no definitive favorite! All depends on who it’s for and whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment… Explains why my hubby is always dragging me away from fabric stores kicking and screaming like a child! lol!

  37. I seem to look at blenders the most. But I also love small print fabrics and Civil War fabrics. Thanks for the fun and for giving out a gift. Would love to play with these beautiful prints.

  38. I love vintage fabric. I have some Browns and pink civil war looking fabric that’s gorgeous. Some of it is floral. I’m trying to find a good pattern to use it.

  39. Many of the fabrics I’m drawn to are modern designs such as angular shapes and lines. I also love polka dots!

  40. As I am new into quilting…and quilting everything in sight!…but I think the vintage florals really make my heart sing like Laundry’s Hearts Content and Red Rooster Great Gatsby!

  41. my favorite for my self and around the house is floral and birds. for everyone else it is what ever they really like. unless it is a new baby, then i just have fun wtih baby or fun animals

  42. Love the bright happy colors – florals are always fun. BTW love the pics. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the opportunity.

  43. POSSIBILITIES ~~ This is my favorite quilt fabric catagory. Oh, the possibilities. Which means studying as much of the fabric line as possible; choosing compatable pieces (that I really like) and walking around the shop looking for a few of my new quilt’s Fabric-Friends. Really, who wants to separated from our fabric-friends? This is a time to stick together!! Let the fun begin!!!

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