Six done, six more to go…

Hi Friends, if you have followed my trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs on Ivory Spring for a while, you know I have been working on this set of ornaments for quite a while.  I have a mini triumph this past weekend–I finally finished the 6th ornament in the Twelve Days of Christmas series…


Nowadays I mainly squeeze in stitches for these ornaments when I am waiting in the car to pick up Miss Baby from school.  I do well to put in 10 stitches each time I stitch.  It’s my little last bit of calm being Miss Baby storms back into my life… no, I am not complaining.  It is just a fact in my current season of life. :)

Here you see the current lineup… for some reason, seeing these ornaments all lined up makes my brain go into overdrive, and I start hearing in my mind “Six little ducks that I once knew…”.  I seriously wonder why that’s the case, ha!

Or perhaps, I should be singing six little geese… it is Six Geese A-laying after all, to be technically correct.


Click here, here, here, here and here to see more pictures of the previous five ornaments.  [Note:  Pattern is charted by The Cat’s Whiskers.]

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely Monday, and week!  Hugs to you all.

19 thoughts on “Six done, six more to go…

  1. Living where we do (the ‘heart’ of Norwegian/Swedish country) these would be right at home, along with all the wheat weavings and hardanger!!!! Lovely!!!! And I totally understand the “waiting in the car” thing!!!!!! Hugs………….SSAB

  2. An impressive array of hand stitched ornaments. You’ve reached the crest, the rest is all downhill. Your persistence will pay off with a, beautifully completed, ornament set of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” A time to rejoice!!!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. Rosemary B here:
    These are turning out so cute.
    I love RED
    It is amazing what we can get done in the car waiting.
    I used to wonder if some how I could cook dinner in the back of the van.
    I adore these, Wendy <3

  4. Sure remember those days! I used to keep a book in the car to read when I was waiting in the pick up line. Sometimes, I’d leave the house early because I had gotten to good part of the book and I wanted to read more! Read Tom Clancy’s “Clear and Present Danger”, took me about a month to read it but it sure was worth it. Will never forget during the time I was reading the book; we had a federal judge and his wife killed when a postal package was delivered to their house with a bomb in it, almost the same identical thing happened in the book.Was a real eye-opener into how the government works when things like this happen! And this was about ten yrs before 9/11!

  5. Every time you finish one they are more beautiful! Congrats on that. Hang in there… that 5 year old will soon be 12, then 17, then married and out the door… Oh how fast they grow – I know you cherish these moments. Hugs, Karen

  6. Yay for you! you reached the top of the hill! It’s all downhill from there my friend. And we know you are not complaining about miss Baby. I just happen to know what it is like when the kids get home from school! It’s certainly not quiet time.

  7. Where can I purchase the Twelve Days of Christmas designs…can’t seem to find them….plenty other designs from The Cat’s Whiskers…perhaps my eyesight is failing me…xx

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