All Hens on Deck!

Hello Friends – my Three French Hens are on deck (finally!), so to speak, after months of stitching them in car rides when I am not the driver!



Here you can see the stitches a little close-up:


The following are the other two I have stitched from Cats Whiskers’ Twelve Days of Christmas series:


And now, I simply have to fly because I started a new quilt this week.  Plus, I am summoned by the 4 calling birds… (lame pun intended, ha!).  Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visit, as always!

15 thoughts on “All Hens on Deck!

  1. I would be somewhat traumatized trying to achieve Christmas Holiday themed items while experiencing our heat indexes….at the moment 95+F….Yow! Am thinking I’ll stick with what’s on my machine (although the jelly-roll quilt I just finished quilting was all Maywood’s Shadowplay flannel which is incredibly heavy stuff. Almost a suede cloth feel!). “Mush on”!!!!!! SSAB

  2. Beautiful – but you must have much smoother roads than we do in Manitoba. I can’t sew in the truck cause it is too bumpy :)

  3. Love them!!I remember the ones you did last yr. I used to cross stitch for years Christmas Gifts for Melissa’s teachers. One yr I had done over 12 cross stitch gifts and that is when Bi-Focals came into the picture. But I still love to cross stitch and now I have taken up knitting on the side. Enjoyed the cross stitch. Blessings to you and family.

  4. Yowzer! Beautifully stitched!! Doing it in a moving vehicle? Even more impressive.!! All your work is elegantly done, both hand and machine. Always inspirational!!

  5. It is so hard to believe the year is almost half over!! Christmas in July works in progress. Love the way you have arranged these beautiful pieces and photographed them!!

  6. Well …. you got a chuckle from me with your pun! Those are really gorgeous. Will you hang them on the tree or make a special tree just for them? Your stitches are beautiful.

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