Six done, six more to go…

Hi Friends, if you have followed my trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs on Ivory Spring for a while, you know I have been working on this set of ornaments for quite a while.  I have a mini triumph this past weekend–I finally finished the 6th ornament in the Twelve Days of Christmas series…


Nowadays I mainly squeeze in stitches for these ornaments when I am waiting in the car to pick up Miss Baby from school.  I do well to put in 10 stitches each time I stitch.  It’s my little last bit of calm being Miss Baby storms back into my life… no, I am not complaining.  It is just a fact in my current season of life. :)

Here you see the current lineup… for some reason, seeing these ornaments all lined up makes my brain go into overdrive, and I start hearing in my mind “Six little ducks that I once knew…”.  I seriously wonder why that’s the case, ha!

Or perhaps, I should be singing six little geese… it is Six Geese A-laying after all, to be technically correct.


Click here, here, here, here and here to see more pictures of the previous five ornaments.  [Note:  Pattern is charted by The Cat’s Whiskers.]

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely Monday, and week!  Hugs to you all.