Birds are calling!

Happy Monday, Friends!  I managed to finish up Ornament #4 ~ Four Calling Birds ~ in the Twelve Days of Christmas ornament series I am making for Miss Baby.



I am not disillusioning myself into thinking I would have the other 8 stitched by Christmas this year.  But I do take comfort that we will have 3 more than last year. Ha!

You may click here, here and here to view ornaments #1-3.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week.

21 thoughts on “Birds are calling!

  1. A lovely addition to the other three. They are all beautiful. What a wonderful keepsake for Miss Baby, no matter when the set is completed. One step closer to the finish line………

  2. Wendy these are precious! What a very special heirloom. Thanks so much for sharing. My mom always gave us a handspun glass ornament for Christmas and the tradition continues with my brothers and sisters since moms passed. My DH and I give dated ornaments to all of our children and personalized dated ornaments to our grandchildren. It’s heartwarming to see them all hanging in order in their trees each year. They are not hand made… But the tradition and the collection is priceless… Congratulations for making this collection for Miss Baby… They are beautiful.

  3. How lovely! You know, Wendy, you really should pace yourself with these. It won’t be long before Miss Baby will be big enough to learn to cross stitch herself, and if you and she were able to work on them together it would only make the finished ornaments that much more special. :-)

  4. Your ornaments are beautiful!! I have seen several designs of the 12 days of Christmas but never any that I wanted to make until I saw yours. Can you tell me your source, I cannot find the pattern anywhere. Thank you.

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