Quilt from Storage at DAR Museum, Part 2

I shared a little with you a couple of weeks ago I had attended the Quilts from Storage special program at the DAR Museum.  I think my favorite quilt from all the quilts being shown is the Sunburst Quilt by Elizabeth Ann Darst Bierce (1818-1901).

[Image Source: http://www.quiltindex.org]

I shall just let the close-up pictures I took of this quilt do the talking:

I am absolutely inspired by this quilt.  Aren’t you?  You can read more about the quilt in the book Historic Quilts of the DAR Museum.  You may email the DAR Museum shop at museumshop@dar.org to purchase the book by mail.

Incidentally, Elizabeth Ann’s Mom’s quilt also received a feature in the book!  It’s wonderful that both Mom and daughter were honored for their “generational” and tangible legacy  through their quilts.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely day.

Addendum (6/15/2012) –  Note from Ms. Alden O’Brien, Curator of Textiles at DAR: “Elizabeth Ann Darst made the quilt for her wedding. Now many quilts are assumed to have been made as part of a trousseau or “for her wedding,” but this one did very specifically come down in the family with that tradition. Her wedding was in 1841 so she would have been working on it 1840-41.

22 thoughts on “Quilt from Storage at DAR Museum, Part 2

  1. Wow! I’d say I was more intimidated than inspired :*O What a beauty! I can’t even imagine the hours it must have taken. Very different than our “get it done quick!” mentality today. Both have their place I think =^..^=

  2. This post caught me right in the middle of my absolute obsession with micro-stippling/”trapunto” effect quilting. My nose is almost pressed to the monitor!!!! Totally in awe!!! Thank you so much for the close-ups!!!!!! Will revisit often;-D

  3. What an absolutely stunning quilt! The beautiful Wedgwood blue makes it so appealing and then add in that incredible quilting? Just makes me want to stare and stare! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

  4. Yes, I’m inspired by that gorgeous quilt!! I can’t imagine having done all that by hand. Just Fabulous!!!! I bow down to her :)

  5. What an amazing quilt. I wonder how long it took her to piece and quilt it. Blue and white have always been a favorite of mine. Love it!!!

  6. The quilting and trapunto are just so incredibly amazing! How wonderful to see this quilt in person!! Your pictures are marvelous – thanks so much!

  7. wow puts my little 9 by 9 squares that I am doing for my grandson to shame xx what fantastic pictures and thank you Wendy for showing xx I will let you have a laugh at my first attempt when it is finnished Love Lorraine in London xx

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  9. I’m delighted that the quilt was featured in the exhibition, and that you found it so inspirational – Elizabeth Ann Darst was my 3xgreat-grandmother, and the quilt passed down to my cousin Jenny Holden, who donated it to the DAR. The quilt also mentioned in the book which was made by Elizabeth’s mother, Martha (Harness) Darst, passed down to my aunt Constance Hart Wulfman, and I had the pleasure of seeing both “in the flesh” several times, and seeing them on display when they were featured in the DAR’s “NewThreads” exhibition in 2007-2008. I was also privileged to accompany my aunt when she presented the Martha Darst quilt to the DAR. It was a hard decision for both my cousin and my aunt to part with the quilts, but I know that they will be thrilled to learn that they are bringing such pleasure to so many people. Thanks for your kind words on our family treasures!

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