Descendant of Elizabeth Ann Darst Bierce writes…

… the following:

“I’m delighted that the quilt was featured in the exhibition, and that you found it so inspirational – Elizabeth Ann Darst was my 3xgreat-grandmother, and the quilt passed down to my cousin Jenny Holden, who donated it to the DAR. The quilt also mentioned in the book which was made by Elizabeth’s mother, Martha (Harness) Darst, passed down to my aunt Constance Hart Wulfman, and I had the pleasure of seeing both “in the flesh” several times, and seeing them on display when they were featured in the DAR’s “NewThreads” exhibition in 2007-2008. I was also privileged to accompany my aunt when she presented the Martha Darst quilt to the DAR. It was a hard decision for both my cousin and my aunt to part with the quilts, but I know that they will be thrilled to learn that they are bringing such pleasure to so many people. Thanks for your kind words on our family treasures!”

I was working away when I received Deborah’s comment about the Elizabeth Ann Darst Bierce’s quilt that I had shared with you in this post.  I had chills reading about Deborah’s very personal connection to this beloved quilt, now part of DAR‘s permanent collection.  What precious information Deborah just shared with us, and what precious legacy quilters can leave and bless the generations to come.

A huge thankful to Deborah’s aunt and cousin for their generosity to share such treasures with us!

Just remember parts of you live on through generations in the quilts you make!  WOW!  What a thought… I just had my light bulb moment of the day.  Now I would love to hear about any quilts you might have that have been lovingly made by an ancestor (or ancestors) in your family.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely day.  I have an under-the-weather Miss Baby to sweeten up today in addition to trying to get a quilt completed.  Think of and pray for us, would you?


18 thoughts on “Descendant of Elizabeth Ann Darst Bierce writes…

  1. I hope little Miss Baby will soon be feeling well again. No heirloom quilts in my family. I am a first generation quilter. The only craft my Mom ever did was crochet, which I have several pieces she made before she passed away.

  2. I’m the first generation of my family to quilt as far as I know. But my mom would have thrown away anything that was frayed or worn, so if there had been any really old quilts they would not have survived her relentless purging. That is why I make quilts for my children and grandbabies – and I’m so blessed that both my children love the quilts I make for them. Hugs to Miss Baby, hope she’s better soon.

  3. I have a quilt top my Maternal Grandmother pieced by hand. I considered hand quilting it and having my cousin and my daughter do some of the quilting but on close inspection I found the seams are coming apart and frayed so decided to leave it as is.

  4. I have a beautiful Hand quilted patchwork quilt from my maternal grandmother. She made it from silks and used all the embroidery stitches that the old time quilters used. My grandmother made many quilts for the family members. I have just started quilting again after 40 years of working and raising family. This is a soothing pastime for me. I made 9 quilts for my great grand children and took them to Mich this summer and gave them. Hope this finds Baby doing better and you happily quilting away.

  5. Hi Wendy; What a treasure this would be to have handed down . I am the first quilter in my family. I came from England my mother did a lot of knitting , no sewing. I now make quilts for my family, maybe they will be handed down one day. Nothing like this one though, but just as much love in them. I hope your little girl gets better soon, not easy having a sick child. You will both be in my prayers tonight.
    diane s

  6. My oldest quilts came from my grandmother and I cannot document who made them or when. While they do not seem so old to me, I think of handing them down to my grandaughters where they will thank great great grandmothers for them. Hope Miss Baby is feeling better.

  7. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your little one. Stay strong, and always stay as sweet and honest as you are! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’m sorry to hear that Miss Baby is under the weather. Hope she feels better soon! I do have a family quilt in my linen closet, a Dresden Plate with hand-embroidered names of my mother and all her cousins at the center of each block. Your post has reminded me that I should make a point of finding out more about the quilt and its maker from my mother and aunt, since I know that my grandmother did NOT make it, but I don’t know who did.

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  10. My MIL shared a quilt with me that was passed down to her, made by her step-mom’s mother from Nebraska. We guessed it was made in the 1930’s. Kind of wish it was labeled. It is beautiful!

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