OFB Smocked Daygown Part 3: The Dainties are IN!

I had sometime to work on my long neglected Old Fashioned Baby Smocked Daygown. I added the dainties — little rosebuds on the smocked part. These pink accents are added because I will eventually have some pink on the fancy hem that I will be doing for this daygown:

I have long ago given up trying to embroider identical boullions! It’s just impossible especially for handwork, and like I was told once that not even the flowers from the same flower bush look identical. So, now, I am at peace with the reality! :)

Shown are the dainty smocked front and my dainty little miniature “kinder” (child) teaset:

I do enjoy and treasure the dainty things in life — they sure have a marvelous softening effect!


p.s. If you have missed my earlier parts on the daygown, here are part 1 and part 2.


7 thoughts on “OFB Smocked Daygown Part 3: The Dainties are IN!

  1. Oh so sweet. The smocking, the little buds and that cute tea set! Hope you get all your errands done with added fun thrown in today Wendy!!

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