Smocked Monogrammed “Limoges” Bishop

You remember the smocked monogrammed bishop I was working on?

It’s done! I made a point to work on it last week to finish the dress in time for Mother’s Day. And I even have the model to prove it (see last picture on this post).

I was initially going to embroider the flowers in a mix of pink and lavender. But the color scheme didn’t quite work out when I was actually doing it. Plus, Jeannie Baumeister commented on this post she would do the flowers in all pink. I adore Jeannie’s work, and definitely take her professional opinion to heart. Jeannie designs lovely heirloom garments for babies. Her designs do not “swallow” the babies with too much frills and laces. They have just the right touch of elegance and timelessness. If you don’t know Jeannie, you should check her out! You can view a couple of baby gowns I made for Miss Baby from Jeannie’s designs here, and here. Okay, all that to say, I stuck with the tried and true pink on the blue smocking, and I was very happy with the effect!

I undertook the garment construction with much trepidation and honestly quite a bit of diffidence because I no longer live within a stone’s throw away from my dear friend Annelle ( I do miss her!). Being the loving friend, she was right there ready with answers when I had to call her for some questions! So, with Annelle’s encouragement and this link I found on the internet, I was able to complete the dress.

The fabric I used was the regular white Imperial Batiste because I thought the dress would withstand tumbles and occasional falls at this stage of Miss Baby’s life. The smocking plate is “Script Monogram” by Ellen McCarn.  Mrs. Magpie told me the smocking made her think of Limoges china.  So this is officially my “Limoges” smocked bishop. :)

I do love to dress Miss Baby in white – not the most practical thing to do, I know. :) But there’s just something sweet and timeless seeing little girls dressed in white. Miss Baby did get her dress soiled from playing. That’s why the dress is going to be washed for the second time in less than 24 hours… (The dress was already lightly washed once in between church and when we headed for Miss Baby’s silhouette session)!

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a super special day!

“Hip” Smocked Summer Outfit

This is a follow-up to my lavender smocked angel-sleeve bishop:


It is now finished, MANY MANY MANY thanks to my friend Annelle. You see, I am a total klutz when it comes to heirloom sewing. I was putting on the bias band around the neck, but ended up messing up big time! That was around midnight… I went to bed feeling really discouraged.

lavender smocking6

lavender smocking7

I called Annelle the next day and poured out my woes to her over the phone. Always a good sport, and the most selfless person I know — she told me to bring the botched up dress to her to fix it! If there’s a person who could fix my dress, it would be Annelle (although in my despondent state the night before, I doubted even Annelle could fix what I had disastrously done)…

lavender smocking8

Guess what? Fixed it she did!!!! She also graciously finished it for me since I was running out of time.  It looks absolutely perfect! I hadn’t had enough fabric in the first place to do a full-length bishop. Instead, I made a bishop top to go with pants. It gives a more informal look — in fact, it looks quite hip, if I may say so myself! :)  Perfect for a summer outing!

lavender smocking9

Thanks for popping by.  If you noticed that I have been tardy in visiting you back, it’s because I have been visiting with family.  I will still be visiting with family for the next couple of days.  But I will get to each of your comment when I am back to my routine.

Lavender Smocking Part 3: I “heart” you!

Good day, everyone! I am running up against a non-negotiable deadline. So this will be a quickie. I am showing the latest on my lavender smocking progress. The hearts are in!


I think it is sweet to have heart accents on children’s clothing because they are symbolic of a child’s heart being ever open to learn and to love!

Thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate your visits and comments, from the bottom of my heart!

Lavender Smocking Part 2

One of the many things I have been working on is the lavender smocked bishop:

lavender smocking2

I haven’t gotten much done, but I love the effect so far. Smocking the baby waves closely together created a braided look:

lavender smocking3

I hope you have had a great start to your week. I am going to enjoy mine. I hope you are too!

Getting ready to smock on dainty dotted Swiss

I have had this in my stash for a while, and am just now getting it out ready to smock. I just love the lemony yellow fabric with little white fuzzies on the fabric. The smocking plate is by Nancy Coburn:

Check back next week, I hope to be able to have some progress pictures! :)

Meanwhile, take care, all my bloggy friends!

OFB Smocked Daygown Part 3: The Dainties are IN!

I had sometime to work on my long neglected Old Fashioned Baby Smocked Daygown. I added the dainties — little rosebuds on the smocked part. These pink accents are added because I will eventually have some pink on the fancy hem that I will be doing for this daygown:

I have long ago given up trying to embroider identical boullions! It’s just impossible especially for handwork, and like I was told once that not even the flowers from the same flower bush look identical. So, now, I am at peace with the reality! :)

Shown are the dainty smocked front and my dainty little miniature “kinder” (child) teaset:

I do enjoy and treasure the dainty things in life — they sure have a marvelous softening effect!


p.s. If you have missed my earlier parts on the daygown, here are part 1 and part 2.

The “fun”-look of Smocking

Unlike the more formal and traditional smocking like I have done for this daygown, I have also done some smocking that has what I call the “fun-loving” look – not as seriously heirloom, but rather a look that exudes the liveliness of childhood. All the smocking plates are from Australian Smocking & Embroidery:

One of the things I am going to do after I finish my deadline quilts is definitely getting back to sewing some children’s clothing! I have this lemony dotted Swiss batiste that I have been dying to smock with flosses of hot pink and lime green to make another daygown. Can’t wait!!

Have a lively day, everyone! :)