OFB Smocked Daygown Part 2: Chugging Along

This accountability thing is REALLY working. THANKS EVERYONE! I never once received a phone call asking how the smocking is coming along. I never once heard even a peep about how I should be hurrying up on the smocking. Somehow, I was just motivated on my own to work a little each day on the daygown because of this accountability thing. To date, all the smocking (fun) part is done! You can see the two front pieces and the two sleeves:

You must have noticed the clock I used as a prop to photograph with the daygown pieces. I decided to include the clock to keep up with the “baby” theme. The clock is a nursery plate clock from Spode’s Edwardian Childhood Collection. I love the different old-fashioned toys featured on the clock, don’t you?

I am only showing the close-up of the smocked daygown front because I have already shown the sleeves in Part 1. I will at some point add some light pink boullion roses on the front (I think) depending on what my mentor/dear friend Annelle tells me what my next step is:

Hopefully not too long from now… all these batiste pieces will somehow come together nicely and look like this:

That’s all I have for now. I have so much more to share, but it’s been crazy at my end. I just picked up two new magazine assignments within the last 24 hours. Anyway, I will be back and try to catch up with you later!

p.s. I can’t leave without asking you this: do you seem to get the faintest hint that I love Spode after reading the posts on my blog?! ;)

8 thoughts on “OFB Smocked Daygown Part 2: Chugging Along

  1. I think I’m just a bit slow, what was it that you like again?

    The smocking looks impressive, I’d beg you for the gown if our girls were still babies. Nice clock too, one would think that you’re starting a nursery!

  2. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I know it will be beautiful.

    You mentioned the basket on my front door. I got it at a local grocery store in the floral dept. (Bi-LO)

    Have a good week!

  3. This is coming along beautifully! I can’t wait to see it finished! :)

    Love the clock…just precious!

    ~Have a great afternoon! Rhonda

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comment! :) I went to my friend’s this afternoon and found out what to do next — a bit overwhelming. So, I am going to proceed with care and slowly. Hopefully, next week, I would be able to post some updated pictures.

  5. I just found your blog and love the daygown. I am having twin granddaughters in November…my pleating machine (when found) was broken, so I got one off ebay. The only store in town (Joann’s) doesn’t carry swiss batiste fabric, so had to order that…then trying to find patterns was a real chore….so I go up into the attic to look thru boxes upon boxes of stored stuff and lo and behold, I find the leftovers of a cross stitch shoppe I owned in the early eighties….discovered another pleating machine (so now will be selling one on ebay) and also found dress patterns for daygowns and bishop dresses from The Smocking Corner, but have yet to unearth smocking patterns…so now I will go back to ebay to search…….
    Could you please tell me the name of the pattern you are using? I haven’t smocked since mid eighties when all my nieces started growing up and no longer wanted cutsie dresses from auntie. Hoping to oil my rusted skills of this fine art and be able to shower these grandbabies with lots of one of a kind dresses lovingly made by me.
    Your daygown is simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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