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Posted Jan 25, 2017:  Sew-Along Essentials

Why I am doing this: Basically, this sew-along is meant to be informal.  It is for me personally to get this quilt made for my daughter’s room.  At any given time, I have about 10 samples waiting for me to make happen, and so often times, “my” projects end up being on the wayside.  I thought doing a sew-along with friends will keep me at least somewhat accountable to make this quilt happen. :)  THAT said, my pace will be much slower than indicated than what is being presented in the 6-part instructions set.  Some of you have expressed you are doubtful you could keep up…. I think with the “reduced” demand, you should be able to keep up with no problem. :)

Fabrics and Pattern:  You don’t have to use my fabrics of choice, which are the Bleecker Street fabrics. Download pattern instructions here.

I am also using Aurifil’s Marmalade floss collection for the embroidery portion of the quilt.  You may check with your local Aurifil dealer to order/purchase the floss. Online shops that are selling the thread pack are:

#1.  Cinnamon’s Quilt Shoppe here.

#2.  You may contact www.followthatthread.com to order.

#3.  Pumpkinvine Corner (scroll down to the bottom of order page) here.



* The quilt and floss kits are available from http://thimblemouseandspouse.com.  Feel free to email Lynn at countrycrossroadsquiltshop@gmail.com to order the supplies.

* Quilt kits from http://www.northerncomfortquilts.com/sales-and-specials

* Fabrics from Quiltropolis.

* Quilt kits from Hancocks of Paducah.

BASIC RULES:  I will post on the 15th of every month with what I have made — and that can be used as a basis as what you will want to accomplish between the 15th of that month and the 13th of the following month.  For example, I will post my first portion done with tips for you on Feb 15th.  You have till March 13th to make your block/units and email me a picture of your work.  I will also email to remind you to email me your pictures.  Your pictures will be shared in my subsequent blog posts about our sew-along fun!  I am thinking that we will have another giveaway of FABRICS at the end of the sew-along!!!

And if you have a blog or on social media, I would love for you to share your work as well!



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