Virtual Trunkshow #20: Pinwheels

Hello Friends,  I hope you are well.  We are experiencing near 70-degrees, and we cannot be happier…. except we are supposed to plunge back into the cold again!

I was looking for a few pictures in my archive today, and came across this gem of a picture from summer 2013 when Miss Baby was 4! Many of you have seen this one, but probably my new followers haven’t… She was supposed to be painting, but NOT her hands, hahaha.  I should have gone and checked on her when I thought she was being suspiciously quiet… but at the time, I thought I would just get one more thing done before I did that.


I am getting ready to start piecing another quilt top, which involves pinwheels!!!  So, I was curious just how many pinwheel quilts I have made/designed over the years.  Be sure to scroll down to very end of post for a little historical snippet on the pinwheel block, as well as my tip for “almost always” perfect pinwheels. :)

These are some of my early pinwheel quilts:

Joseph Pinwheels (Fons and Porter, 2011)

Summertime (Fons and Porter, 2011)

Starry Pursuit (Fons and Porter, 2011)

Holiday Spinners (The Quilter, Holiday 2010)

Spring Song (Spring Market 2010)

Pieceful Garden (The Quilter, 2008; UK’s Popular Patchwork, 2010)

China Blue (QUILT, 2012)

Forest Floor (2013)

Design 2db high res_with binding_600dpi

Rooster Royale (2013)

Design 5a_high res

Princess Aiko (2013)


To Eternity and Beyond (2013)

Design 3d_50 x 62_high res

And the following are the more recent ones:

Flutter B’s (2015)


Garden View (The Quilter, 2014)


Pinwheel Parade (Fons and Porter, 2016)


Winter Wind (McCall’s Quilting, 2016)


Wind Chimes (2016):


Bleecker Street (2016):



HOPE (2017):


And these are my upcoming pinwheel quilts:



And now a little fun historical fact:

According to this link, the pinwheel quilt pattern was developed around 1795.

I shared about my tip on perfect pinwheels (at least where the points mostly meet) here.



And that’s it for today!  I want to know if any of you out there love/use pinwheels as much as I do?! :)  Thanks for stopping by.  I will catch up with you before the weekend.

12 thoughts on “Virtual Trunkshow #20: Pinwheels

  1. I love pin wheels in quilts – thanks for the tips – I don’t usually press my seams open though – I like to nestle them – but I’m open to trying a new method –

  2. Pinwheels are one of my most favorite blocks. I have been making several for the past few days for a cute little baby quilt. They are just a happy block!

  3. Oh my……that’s a whole lotta pinwheels!! Wendy, yours are gorgeous. I, too, must try pressing my seams open. Happy to hear that you have warm weather. We were in the 60’s with lots of fog in the a.m. here in middle TN.

  4. I was a fan of yours even before I knew who you were. LOL I have those pinwheels from the first issues of Fons and Porter still. I love those patterns. I love pinwheels. I have added your current to the ones I started saving way back when. I knew there was a reason why I started following you. I didn’t know what it was! I will continue following you because I love pinwheels and I love your work. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. Thank you Wendy for your tips. I have not been ironing my seams open and will do that for now on! I also like how you pinned on the diagonal.

  6. You have made a million quilts.
    I like pinwheels just okay. I made one pinwheel quilt and that was enough…. maybe in the future I will make another
    I remember this photo of Miss Baby. All the colors together make a nice brownish black.
    I know it must have felt wonderful to paint herself.

  7. Your pinwheel quilts are so beautiful! The pattern looks different in nearly each quilt which is the fun part of pinwheels. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your Rooster Royale pattern and I like it very much. After looking at past posts and checking out all of the patterns Quilting Treasures offers online, I’m still unable to find that free pattern. Is there any way to still get it? Do they retire patterns after a bit?

    I’m so happy your shared your tips on the perfect pinwheel. I know a pinwheel quilt is in my future!!! Thanks so much!

  8. So many of my favorite pinwheels of yours are displayed here. It is one of my favorite patterns – as long as you get them all spinning the right direction. I had no idea the pattern has been around for so long.

  9. Thanks for the refresher on pinwheels. I think I will feel more comfortable now in making them.I have started to sew some of my seams open when I find too much bulk when making any project. I just have to remember to not do stich in the ditch on the open seams.

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