2-Cent Tuesday & Destash Opportunity

This picture shows about 80% of the quilts that were returned to me from various editors within the last 8 weeks or so. All of them have been or will be posted on Instagram.

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Before we get started, I am happy to announce Joyce O. as the winner of the de-stash opportunity of the applique topper last week.


I want to thank you all for helping me de-stash! Don’t worry if you didn’t win the last round – I am foreseeing this de-stashing endeavor of mine to be an ongoing thing.


This week’s destash opportunity is that large box I told you I had packed, but didn’t have the photo ready for last week’s post. I have yardages + small pieces (most are at least 1/4y) + 1 large piece of Thimbleberries fabric (not shown) + 3 scrap bags (one of them has a few large fabric pieces) + a back issue of Quilting Quickly that has 3 of my quilt projects in it.

Please leave a comment if you are interested in entering this destash opportunity. US address ONLY please! I will pick a winner next Tuesday. Winner agrees to send me a check for $47. I won’t probably have fabrics with serious yardages for a while, UNLESS I find another box in the guest room closet. I do think I have shared that box with you all that I found a while back. But one never knows what lurks in the back of the guest room closet! :-)


Here are my two cents for this week:

Always check the orientation of your blocks after you sew up the quilt center, BEFORE sewing on the border strips (if you quilt has border strips). If a block is oriented incorrectly, it’s easier to fix before the border strips are sewn on.

I had to correct the block orientations on a few of the blocks for this quilt, but the end result was worth it. Pattern info is HERE if you are interested in making this quilt. Fabrics I used are Country Rose by Moda. Info HERE.

That’s it for now. It’s now turn to share your 2-cents!


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10 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday & Destash Opportunity

  1. What an interesting “bunch” of fabrics in the box. Maybe make a few Christmas presents, last minUte of course. I do have several people on our Christmas list. Looks like enough different fabrics for several items and not all Christmas.

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! Your quilts are so beautiful! Looks like a nice big quilt could be made with all the fabric!!

  3. Wendy, I am “sew” excited to be the winner of your “destash topper.” Thank you! Even though it seems as “just one more thing I gotta do,” it is always a good idea to check your quilt before adding borders and then again afterward, to be sure that everything is “just right.” Great advice!! Thanks for your continued inspiration, Wendy. 😊❤️

  4. Your destash looks better than my stash LOL. You can send it my way any day 👍👍
    Hope you are doing well!!! Still following and loving your quilts ❤️

  5. It’s so nice to know that other people have guest room closets full of fabrics too. lol Great hint today. It saves you a real nightmare and wasted sewing time if you double and triple check. I have also found taking a photo of the layout has saved me on a number of occasions.

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