Rose Trellis Runner – an Autumn Project & others!!!

Hello Friends, I hope you are well.  Are you feeling the chill in the mornings these days?  Autumn is upon us.   Have you spotted my Rose Trellis table runner project in the latest Keepsake Quilting catalog?  I received mine yesterday, and was thrilled to see quite a few kits are being offered for my designs!!  Without further ado, here is Rose Trellis, designed with Robyn Pandolph’s Garden Gate fabrics for RJR Fabrics.


A bit of piecing, and a bit of applique for a relatively easy autumn project:

Purchase the kit here, or purchase the pattern here.

Be sure to check out my other offerings in Keepsake Quilting here.

While we are talking about kits and such, I found that a few kits made with my designs are on sale over at McCall’s Quilting!  ‘Tis might be the time to stock up.  We are all different, and we all have different views on kits.  I actually like kits because sometimes I just like someone else to do the thinking for me. :)  Here goes…

Kits for Sherbet Stars HERE.


Kits for Rows of Roses HERE.


Kits for Big Time HERE.


Kits for Twilight Trellis HERE.


Kits for Constellation of Colors HERE.


Kits for Sherry’s Stars HERE.


That’s it for now, Friends!  I hope you have fun shopping.  Look around at some of the other kits on sale while you are at it.  I am buying a couple myself. :)


Some of you asked how the “Miss” is doing!  She is doing well, ever the chipper kid that she is.  She is also thriving in second grade.  Yesterday during our car ride to school, she schooled me about the almost impossibility of having to put a heart valve in an ant’s tiny heart in case the ant had a cardiac arrest.  Well, to be quite honest, I didn’t even know if ants have hearts… “Of course, they do, Mama!” were her parting words when I dropped her off.  I came home and consulted Dr. Google — and learned that indeed ants do have hearts.  They don’t have lungs, however!  So there — the trivia of the day for those of you who care to learn about ants, hahaha!!!

Thanks for stopping by – hugs to you all!

8 thoughts on “Rose Trellis Runner – an Autumn Project & others!!!

  1. Who knew ants had hearts?!! I still don’t want them in my kitchen and can be heartless in eradicating them. Don’t tell Miss Baby. I’m amazed at how advanced she is in second grade.

    Your runner is beautiful. I like to keep some kits on hand for making last minute gifts and having everything handy when I’m ready to get started.

  2. “Out of the mouths of Babes.” I love hearing fascinating, and factual, trivia that Miss Baby shares. She is one very smart little gal. Second grade, oh how I love second graders!!! Definitely my favorite grade in my former life as a teacher. Your kits are all wonderful and enticing……. hmmmm. Thanks for continuing to share your creativity with us, Wendy. Have a fun Fall weekend. <3

  3. So much eye candy on your site. In this moment of time as always I’m loving your beautiful quilts and Miss Baby’s comments. Especially this morning being introduced to Dr. Google! [ My husband being a scientist and engineer will love Miss Baby’s ant question and story!] I’ll will now ask him if ants have a heart? Hugs to you and Miss Baby!

  4. Beautiful runner and quilt designs, too. Haha Miss Baby is going to teach us all some new things! Second graders are a lot of fun. I was a 2nd grade teacher before Josh arrived. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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