Monkey Business: Final Sneak Peek

Dear Friends, a very Happy Monday and Week to you!

I finished my Monkey Business quilt, and am showing you a final sneak peek before it is shipped off to the editor.  See the swirls in the red area — therein lurks part of a “Monkey Business” sort of surprise that I can’t quite reveal until the quilt is officially featured in the magazine.

Stay tuned for further Monkey Business details.  If you missed seeing the full range of these cutest ever sock monkey fabrics, click here to find out more.  Now, onto my next project (key word is FREE!).  I will chat with you later.

8 thoughts on “Monkey Business: Final Sneak Peek

  1. I hate sneak peaks! I want to see it all! Hope you can have a bit of fun or a break before you start your next glorious piece.

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