Monkey Business: Sneak Peek #1

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well.  Miss Baby and I have been enjoying being out and about in the last couple of days – the early fall days are just beautiful!  As a result, I haven’t been in front of my computer much.  I told you I would show you a sneaky peek of my Sock Monkey quilt.  Here are the fabrics – they are from Quilting Treasures’ Monkey Around collection.  Click here to view the full range.

And here you see my quilt still in patches:

These sock monkeys fabrics are beyond cute!  I have a feeling they will be very popular.  Stock up while you can before they are taken out of the current circulation.   Thanks for stopping by.  Till tomorrow – I shall go and tend to my Monkey Business for now! :)

18 thoughts on “Monkey Business: Sneak Peek #1

  1. Hi!!!! Oh!!!! This is just too adorable!!!! Your quilt is looking wonderful!!!! Thank Youhugs carla

    never let fear stop you from dancing on the moon


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  4. OMG. These are way totoooo cute. I remember my monkey sock doll from when I was a kid. And my Daughter has her husband from when he was a kid on a shelf in the frontroom. You can NEVER have too many sock monkeys. I would love this material for quilts for my grandkids.

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