Smocked Monogrammed “Limoges” Bishop

You remember the smocked monogrammed bishop I was working on?

It’s done! I made a point to work on it last week to finish the dress in time for Mother’s Day. And I even have the model to prove it (see last picture on this post).

I was initially going to embroider the flowers in a mix of pink and lavender. But the color scheme didn’t quite work out when I was actually doing it. Plus, Jeannie Baumeister commented on this post she would do the flowers in all pink. I adore Jeannie’s work, and definitely take her professional opinion to heart. Jeannie designs lovely heirloom garments for babies. Her designs do not “swallow” the babies with too much frills and laces. They have just the right touch of elegance and timelessness. If you don’t know Jeannie, you should check her out! You can view a couple of baby gowns I made for Miss Baby from Jeannie’s designs here, and here. Okay, all that to say, I stuck with the tried and true pink on the blue smocking, and I was very happy with the effect!

I undertook the garment construction with much trepidation and honestly quite a bit of diffidence because I no longer live within a stone’s throw away from my dear friend Annelle ( I do miss her!). Being the loving friend, she was right there ready with answers when I had to call her for some questions! So, with Annelle’s encouragement and this link I found on the internet, I was able to complete the dress.

The fabric I used was the regular white Imperial Batiste because I thought the dress would withstand tumbles and occasional falls at this stage of Miss Baby’s life. The smocking plate is “Script Monogram” by Ellen McCarn.  Mrs. Magpie told me the smocking made her think of Limoges china.  So this is officially my “Limoges” smocked bishop. :)

I do love to dress Miss Baby in white – not the most practical thing to do, I know. :) But there’s just something sweet and timeless seeing little girls dressed in white. Miss Baby did get her dress soiled from playing. That’s why the dress is going to be washed for the second time in less than 24 hours… (The dress was already lightly washed once in between church and when we headed for Miss Baby’s silhouette session)!

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a super special day!

36 thoughts on “Smocked Monogrammed “Limoges” Bishop

  1. JUst absolutely beautiful. I love the sweet dress and I know she is just a sweet doll in this dress. One lucky little girl.

  2. It’s a beautiful dress, Wendy. I was with you every step of the way as you described it to us. Oh, I really miss my smocking days! I have at least 20 darling dresses made for my sweet little girl who’s now 34 years old! I’ve hung onto them, hoping another sweet little girl – granddaughter – might come along to wear them. It doesn’t look promising. We’re on grandson number three!

  3. Absolutely wonderful, well done. I have always admired smocking and did a little, but no way would I ever be able to reach your beautiful standard. One super lucky little girl, and very much loved.

  4. Just a wonderful work ! great souvenir for Miss Baby !! very nice and beautifully made embroidery, Wendy … I think I am going to post it on my blog!! hugs, gloria

  5. You never cease to amaze me, Wendy! Every stitch is perfect!
    My how that little girl has grown! She won’t be ‘Miss Baby’ much longer.

  6. That is just so beautiful. It makes me want to make one, but the last thing I need is more “stuff” for a new hobby. Is it possible to make a garment without a lot of the complicated stuff I see for smocking?

  7. Wow, that’s a REAL monogram! I so admire your work, Wendy. I love that you have mastered both high-tech machine quilting AND the centuries-old traditional handmade needlework, and I do mean MASTERED! Your work always makes me happy!

  8. What a beautiful dress. As the grandmother of a new baby girl (after 5 boys!) I’ll have to check this out. Thanks!

  9. Did you use a kit to make this? We don’t have any smocking stores nearby, so I’m wondering where you got the fabric, pregathered fabric, etc.

  10. Smocking has always intrigued me but seems so intimidating. Your work is amazing and so lovely. And your are right, there is nothing like a little girl in white. Almost pure.

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  12. Oh, how Iwish I had someone to smock for. They all grew up! I agree with what you said about Jeannie Baumeiste’s designs! All little girls should dress this way!!!

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