Miss Baby’s “You are my Sunshine” play outfit

To say I have neglected my little Miss Baby’s wardrobe this year is an understatement…  I have just been so tied up with quilting work that I haven’t really given any thought to updating Miss Baby’s wardrobe until recently.  I decided that wouldn’t do – so I got to work on finishing some outfits for her.   That’s why I have been a bit scarce on the internet – please don’t be offended.

You have already seen the smocked monogrammed bishop Miss Baby wore for Mother’s Day.  Now here is the latest finish – a summer play outfit:

A couple of the fabrics are scraps from the following quilts…

Autumn, Publish Pending

Summertime, Fons & Porter Easy Quilts (Summer '11)

I call the outfit “You are my Sunshine” outfit, or jokingly nicknamed, the “New Mexico License Plate” outfit because of the bright and sunshiny colors!

The pattern is Bonnie Blue‘s Madison – View 4, followed exactly!  Her instructions are quite easy to follow, and that’s a glowing review from a sewing klutz like me.  I managed to bumble my way through sewing the lining fabric to the garment without much mishap.

I think the top turned out really cute.   You can see that the back is ruffled too!  I can pair it with a pair of shorts for the upcoming hotter days of summer,


or add a little blouse underneath the top with the entire ensemble for late summer/early fall.

I am not too crazy about the pants – the construction turned out fine.  But the cut is a bit too baggy for my taste.  Notice I said “my” taste — Miss Baby does not have a choice just yet as to what her clothing choice is for the next 35 years of her life, bwahaha!

But overall, I liked the pattern, and will use it again.  I think a full-length jumper is in the very near future!  I have a couple of ideas…  stay tuned! :)

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a sunshiny day!

29 thoughts on “Miss Baby’s “You are my Sunshine” play outfit

  1. Lovely outfit Wendy – I dont buy for Andrea any more – she would never wear it if I did…so enjoy it while you can. They grow up so quickly! That said – she does have a good cense of clothing and what suits her :)

  2. Very cute Summer outfit! However, know how kids grow like weeds over the Summer, I don’t know if it will fit “baby” in the Fall with a blouse under the cute top! I love your fabric colors! I’m looking forward to seeing more cute clothes!

  3. Very cute outfit! Although I learned how to sew in Home Ec and only made garments, they are long past, and give me the shakes just thinking about making garments these days. My last task was making pajamas for my daughter when she went to Chicago to work for a ministry 8 years ago. I felt like I had never sewn before ;-) I know Miss Baby will not remember these cute outfits, but you will!

  4. I love that it has a ruffle on the back too! I think that makes them look so much more finished and professional. And you, m’dear, are FAR from a sewing klutz! No one who makes as beautiful things as come from under your sewing machine has ANY business in the klutz category!

  5. I love that summer outfit. I will agree about the pants but all patterns seem to have that for kids. ( A little big.) I remember when I was making clothes for my granddaughters they were like that and my daughter did not like them for that reason. But that outfit is cute and love the colors. Brite for summer

  6. Very cute! Your little girls is going to feel so pretty in her new outfit. I used to make all of my daughter’s clothes when she was young. Treasure this time because you will miss it when it’s gone!

  7. I just love the colorful outfit~ she is a lucky little girl to have such a talented Mother in every area.

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