Marabella Sneak Peek #1

Happy Monday, Everyone.  I hope you had a good weekend.  Ours was wet – but at least it was not freezing!  I had told you that Wawa is following the progress of my Marabella quilt with great interest:

I have been working under the watchful eyes of Wawa, and here is the quilt top partially put together:

These were happy blocks to put together, especially the applique blocks:

These fabrics are from Henry Glass‘ Marabella collection.  The quilt is scheduled for feature in The Quilter‘s July 2010 issue.  Come back later for more sneak peeks.

Meanwhile, I wish you a happy start to a new week.

8 thoughts on “Marabella Sneak Peek #1

  1. I REALLY like the fabrics you picked! esp the purple ones ;) And they just go sooo well together!! The flower + vase is just so cute!! I feel like it should be a real thing that I can put on the table, haha. The finished quilt is going to look sooo good!!

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