Have you put up your Christmas tree?

I have truly enjoyed seeing your gorgeous Christmas trees you had put up for Christmas… I was just wondering how long you keep them up! Mine are still up…


[Well, as you can see, mine aren’t REALLY the real big and tall trees. I didn’t put one up for Christmas last year. Instead, all I had were these blown glass tree ornaments. And I haven’t put them up yet.]

I generally leave my Christmas stuff up till about mid- to end of January just because I always ended up putting up and re-arranging stuff on Christmas Eve. Plus, I like the Christmas cheer to linger just minute longer… so, here are some more Christmas accents:





Have a fantastic weekend, Everyone! See you on Monday!

12 thoughts on “Have you put up your Christmas tree?

  1. I usually turn off the tree lights on the Ephiphany and then take down my tree the following weekend. I am waiting one more weekend this year since my DIL is coming that weekend and I will have help dragging boxes up and down to the basement. I am looking for some snowman decor items so that I can have them out for the balance of the winter season.

  2. I was the opposite of you this year. The day after Christmas, I wanted to take everything down. It was fun but it was over and I wanted my house back to normal. However, the decorations are all residing in our middle room which used to be a guest room and is now just a storage/misc/anything-goes room waiting to be put back in the attic – maybe this weekend.

  3. I just love your pretty little trees…they are so colorful and charming. I’m always sad to take down the cheerful Christmas decorations too, but I figure I can then start looking forward to putting them up again at the end of the year. :-)

  4. What pretty little trees! I love those.
    All my Christmas decor is packed up and put away until December. I got it down on Christmas day and the day after. All we have left are the outside lights and hubbs promises to get those down by Sunday. I’ve got my valentine’s decor going up now.

  5. I’m with you, the more Christmas, the better I think! My poor dried-out tree went out today. It was so dehydrated that it weighed only about a pound! =) I squeezed it out the sliding door without too much effort, but a flurry of crispy little needles all over my floor!


  6. My Christmas decorations and trees are still up. I keep Christmas up to Jan 6. I’ve only put away the dishes and nativity centerpiece for the formal tablescape in the dining room. I’ll take my time dismantling things so the place stays as orderly and attractive as possible.

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