Busy, busy!

My blue birds arrived in New Jersey safely:


I have been busy busy getting the butterfly quilt (using Awakened Pleasures by Wilmington Prints) quilted and sent off to “The Quilter“– that’s why I have been a little scarce in blogland. Please know that I will respond to all your comments when I get this baby in the mail.


Meanwhile, I hope the rest of your week goes well for you!

5 thoughts on “Busy, busy!

  1. Looking very nice. I especially like the choice of fabric for the bird it looks like feathers. Whenever we get too busy at work we will walk by each other and say “don’t forget to breathe” so don’t forget to come up for air and take a good breath so go back to work all fresh.

  2. Hi I”m new at quilting. I love your bird feathers quit! But, I’m new a quiting. I just finshed two baby cribs quit. I have some problems with the measuring. I cut them ok, but when I sew them together with a one four seam, It don’t come out right. I have checked and make sure the seam was right. I’m sure it is my ruler. Could someone help me with it? I have alot of fabric and would like to use them to make more quits. I also have the singer quilting bible and one from M’Liss Rae Hawley. The one of make your first quilt. I have made all her blocks in this book and they all came out smaller then her measuring. Please Help me! Corinne

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