It’s official: THREAD JOURNEY Quilt-Along with me!

Hello Friends, yes, things have been happening behind the scenes…. I am happy to announce my Thread Journey Quilt Along is official!


Please go to Aurifil’s blog for details by click here.  What can I say…. except I am super excited!!!!!  With that said, it is also a day to be excited about something else! Miss Baby and I will be celebrating Martha Washington’s birthday at the Washingtons’ Estate and Garden today.  Good bye for now, and a very Happy 285th Birthday to our Lady Washington!


12 thoughts on “It’s official: THREAD JOURNEY Quilt-Along with me!

  1. I’m excited. As I posted on the Aurifil blog, this will be a challenge for me, but I have loved this pattern since I first saw it and really hope you can lead me through it.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for the “heads up” however, I’ve already visited the Aurifil blog and have seen your marvelous quilt-along. I’m anxious to begin my quilting journey along side of you. What a wonderful quilting adventure this is going to be!! Enjoy your Birhday celebration of Martha Washington with Miss Baby today. What a fun time the two of you will have,

  3. Thanks so much for this. I love your desin and delving deep into my stash and scraps is just what I need to make the most of what I already have. Great QAL idea!

  4. Batiks stash… diving in! How exciting to be able to participate on my own thread journey with you blazing the trail!

  5. What a treat! I’m so looking forward to this. I really like following someone through the processes of making a quilt. Yours are always so precise and beautiful – I’m sure I’ll have lots to learn!

  6. Woo Hoo! A quilt-along with my FAVORITE, nationally-known, kindest, and extremely talented quilting icon? AND it’s free? This is like Christmas and birthday all wrapped up in one. I can hardly wait. Only 14 more days til the 16th!!! it bear repeating: WOO HOO!!!

  7. Congratulations. I’m so excited for you. I have to pick out some colors to make this, too. Not sure I can always keep up, but can’t wait to make it, and be inspired by your quilting. Thanks!

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