Flight of the Bumblebee: Sneak Peek #1

Hello Friends, we have a sneak peek!  From these fabrics…


… to this progress picture.


So, while I was working away in my sewing nook, and Miss Baby was quietly (much quieter than usual) painting in the kitchen.  I thought to myself, “Oh, life is good – she must not be needing anything, and I am getting a lot done because I am not being summoned to the kitchen every three minutes.”  You could probably guess where this is going…

Because I did get the summon… “Mom, could you wash my hands?”  Cheerily I reply, “Of course!”  Well, I wasn’t expecting to have to wash these hands…


All I can say is sometimes things are so outrageous, one just have to laugh.  And laugh we did over Miss Baby’s “Monster Hands”!

Since there’s isn’t much to comment at this point about my Bumblebee quilt (although I won’t stop you), I would love to hear any 4-year old horror stories you might have!

Thanks for stopping by.  And God’s blessings to you and yours!


20 thoughts on “Flight of the Bumblebee: Sneak Peek #1

  1. My daughter was just over three when we left her alone in her room for 15 minutes, happily playing. We marveled at how good she was to entertain herself so we could talk by ourselves. We got up and checked on her: she had used a red crayon to draw all the way around her white walls. Sigh.

  2. Living on a small hobby/dairy farm (having just moved from the Twin Cities) with 2 active young boys who had never lived in a rural, animal filled environment, you can imagine the creativity that was inspired!! My youngest (now 43) was about 7 y.o. when I developed a roll of film to find photos taken FROM the roof of the house and the TOP of the windmill!!!! Even today, my heart stops!!!!! Hugs, SSAB

  3. Oh, at least you laughed! My son was about 3, I was in crunch time for making a customer’s wedding gown and my (then, now ex) husband was supposed to be watching Matt while I sewed in my basement studio, which is directly below the main bathroom. Well, Ex fell asleep and Matt decided to wash the dog, by dumping cups of water from the sink onto the dog, who was on the bathroom floor. When water started dripping on the satin, I grabbed the dress, moved it to a dry location, and ran upstairs. Ex was still sleeping, and there was inches of water on the bathroom floor, one very wet dog, and a little boy who smiled and said he was helping, while dripping wet himself. Luckily I was able to salvage the gown. Another time I came home, expecting my son to be in bed. No, he had pulled all the wax paper off a roll. There was a pile of shiny stuff in front of the fridge, and I thought he had made a pile of ice, since the lights were dim and I only saw the slight reflection off the crinkled shiny paper. Ex had fallen asleep again. At least this time the mess was dry!! I stopped counting on Ex. lol

  4. When our youngest son was 4 we went to visit my folks on their farm. Our sons were given freedom to roam the yard, and if you know 4 year old curious boys, you might immediately wonder what ensued. Our 4 year old wandered off with Mom and Dad’s dog and an hour later, there was a pounding on the door, accompanied by loud calls for ” MOM”. When I got to the door I discovered a very black slippery boy and dog! My son had discovered the pail of used oil in the machine shed, pried off the lid and had one whale of a ” slippery fun chase” with the dog. I stripped off his clothes and carried one very happy boy inside for a warm bath. The dog had fun playing in water from the hose after a good wash with baby shampoo. The clothes were old play clothes, and got burned. It was a fun day!

  5. I am chuckling……oh, to have little ones again. Miss Baby may have paint past her elbows and nothing on her cover-up………… I suspect that she is a dainty painter/creator. Glad that you have wonderful pictures so the memories won’t be forgotten. And……..I’m liking what you have created so far, Wendy.

  6. HAHAHAHAHHA! LAUGH OUT LOUD as I’m having my McD breakfast!!! :)) SERIOUSLY CUTE! I’ll ask her about it tomorrow night! Give her another idea to paint it PINK instead of black! haha

  7. What a sight!! Those hands are making me laugh!

    Today I was at the grand opening of a new sporting goods store in our town. They had a display of mounted white tail deer. I heard the little boy (about 4) next to me say to his Mom, “I want to take one home!!” Don’t you think every home should have mounted white tail deer in them?

  8. lovely and exciting project of yours, and Miss Baby really got her hands dirty too!
    Yes, we did have an incident when my youngest was 3 and oldest was 5, that golden age of exciting ideas. The girls were in the play room upstairs (full of toys and open toy boxes) playing dress up, putting on old nightgowns of mine and being fairies. …
    …then the very large plastic bottle of baby power was discovered… and if you squeeze it hard, a big puff of powder comes out! Imagine what fun that was!

    The girls came down stairs as I was cooking dinner, they had their gowns on, ballet slippers too and they were so happy. their hair was white as snow. Their eye lashes, nose and cheeks were dusted with white. My eyes could not figure out what I was viewing…. had they been sanding drywall?
    Upon closer look, both of their heads were covered in a quarter inch of baby powder. the scalp completely covered and the hair pure white.
    I asked what they had been doing and they explained about the wonderful puffy powder fun they had in the play room…. I went upstairs to the play room and it looked like it had snowed a quarter inch in the room. everything was covered. It was surreal. I was speechless. then I just laughed. I did not know what to clean up first.
    I just shut the door, we ate dinner with the two “old fairies”
    I do remember it took me many days to clean up that room.

  9. Hahaha, she did roll her sleeves up! Favorite four year old story: twin cousins playing in the back of the station wagon (no carseats in those days) were being uncommonly quiet while Dad was driving them home. Upon arrival he discovered a serious game of ‘beauty shop’ with hair everywhere. Never realized the damage kindergarten shears could do. Both girls had bangs that were 1/4in long; it took six months to grow out.

  10. Oh, Wendy, a quiet child is rarely a good thing, except maybe in church. When my daughter was three, she was in the upstairs bathroom while I was in the kitchen. I heard water running and finally went to investigate. On my way up the stairs, water dripped on my head. Uh oh. My daughter had stopped up the sink and kept the water running. We had to replace the living and dining room ceilings because they were ruined. It was a blessing in disguise, because we found previously undiscovered rodents in our ceilings. We took care of THAT problem before it became worse.

    This same child, just before she turned 8 (way old enough to know better!) cut off all her bangs (to of course, about 1/4 inch,) shortly before we took a trip half a continent away to see relatives who had not seen her since she was a baby.

    We all survived and now have funny stories to tell. Just think of what Miss Baby learned about color mixing!

  11. Beautiful fabrics. Can’t wait to see what you came up with.

    Lol! My 6 year old when she was 4yrs decided to cut her own hair while playing with scissors at the day care :-). They are very creative when it comes to getting in trouble.

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