Impressed by business cards, no?

While getting ready for school, Miss Baby got a hold of one of my business cards, and noticed a website address listed on the card.

Miss Baby to me:  You don’t mean to tell me you run a website too?

She acted like she was impressed, even if only fleetingly, before going out the door to get in the car for school!  Such is the life of the daughter of a quilt designer, I suppose… :)  Kids these days!


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week ahead.  I will be prepping for my last work-related trip of the year.  I am ready to wind down and do some stitching with my little one after my trip!  I will catch up with you later!

Complete the thought…. “You know you are in the mid-west when…”

… passengers on the plane do not bulldoze you over while getting off the plane!  At least that’s what I learned earlier this year when I flew into Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  I was in Row 8, and was up from my seat as soon as the airplane stopped taxing.  Then, I looked around and everyone else was seated nicely in their seats, while waiting for the passengers in front of them to get off the plane before proceeding to do so accordingly.

I felt like a total uncouth brute.  Embarrassed and red faced, I sat back down and waited my turn.  I will definitely remember my manners when I fly out of to Fort Wayne again this time!

So, what mid-west virtue(s) comes to your mind?

Tootles for now.  I am heading out to the airport.  Later, Dear Friends!

What I would like to do this weekend…

… is to snuggle up with a good book in a bed of rose petals!  For more about the picture, click on the “Daily Mail” link at the bottom of the picture.

Image Credit: Daily Mail, UK

But… no rest for this old liz just yet this weekend.  I have a few more things to do for Market! But being able to just snuggle in bed under the covers does sound heavenly, especially now that the weather has cooled.

So what are you doing this weekend?  Have a blessed one!


… for a little bit, I am!  Just a wee little bit… because piecing only one block one day is just not cutting it when I have to make thirty of these blocks.  So, Friends — don’t be offended when you don’t hear from me.  It’s not you, it’s me!  I shall be back soon enough.

Meanwhile, do take care, and hugs to you all.


So, I shall grab my cup of coffee, and get back to work!  Have a great weekend.



So I took a quick look at the school papers Miss Baby brought home with her, and nothing really caught my eye.  I was on the verge of committing the school papers of the day to the trash can.  One can only keep that many papers, and Miss Baby has many more years of school left.  That’s when I heard…

Miss Baby:  Did you take a look at the other Bible paper (with the fish)?

Me: Yeah, you were supposed to draw a fish.  And… you drew a shark?

Miss Baby:  Oh, Mom – we could draw anything on there as long as it’s under water.

[Me looking at the picture, counting the number of sets of gills on that shark…]


Miss Baby:  Can you see that it’s a food chain?

My head was spinning – instruction says to draw a fish… who said anything about a food chain? I took a serious look at the picture for the first time.  FOOD CHAIN?


Sure enough, it’s a food chain, sort of…. I think.

Miss Baby:  See? Plankton are at the end of the food chain.  [See circled dot in picture].


Still spinning, my mind frantically scrolled through all the “scientific” p-words – platelet, plutonium, pulmonary, planet, pipe cleaner, panda, plankton?! …. Oh, plankton – that’s right, plankton!

Me:  Oh yes, plankton — the quintessential element of  the aquatic food chain!


I am not a perfect Mom – that’s a fact.  I am a Mom who works too much.  And  I am painfully aware I am not the most patient Mom around.  BUT… I was reminded again to not blow off my child’s art work.

Thus a switch-a-roo on the fate of that particular school paper: Trash bin to Keepsake box.

p.s.  Oh, the knowledge out there waiting for us to learn about and explore including planktology here!


Meanwhile, I have been playing with these fabrics.  They are Nancy Gere’s Chambray Rose from Windham.  These fabrics are gorgeous — they are like the perfect fusion of denim and floral. The focal print has the look of floral printed on denim.   They are a little different from the usual floral prints, but very pretty.  Click here to view the fabrics in case you are interested in getting some for yourself!  And… if blue/lavender aren’t your colors, check out Nancy’s Carmen red fabrics here.  I have some – and they are absolutely GORGEOUS!


I have a few Chambray Rose fabric pieces (focal print and coordinates) left from piecing my quilt — if you would like them, please leave a comment in the comment section.  One of you will be picked to receive the fabrics.

And it’s a wrap!!!

It has been a FULL summer for me… filled with memories,


Ft Myer1



Ft Myer2



featured quilts (click on quilt pictures for more information on the quilts),




hop image1


upcoming features,









and even more excitement for a friend’s new book (click here to find out more),


… as well as for my sewing mother ship (click here to read more),


and goodies shared with friends… (click on quilt images for more information on designs).

Dream Blossom

High Res_Monkey Business Quilt

High Res_Design 1e_64 x 70

All mixed in with smidgens of randomness…




Miss Baby is back to school, but life remains full and busy for us.

lunch bag

I have always found it hard to explain to people exactly what I do as a quilt designer.  I have been asked quite a bit what I am going to do with all the time I have now that Miss Baby is back in school.  Might you have any guesses? :)  I will have some sneak peeks to share with you later…

So, what has/have been your summer highlight(s)?

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week!

Friday Catch-up!

Hello Friends, I am still here….. have just been really busy, and will continue to be for a couple of weeks.  But my family and I are doing well.

This quilt is reaching its editorial destination today.  This turned out SOOOO pretty!!  My entire family (well, all three of us) fell in love with it.  As many as the quilts the two “armchair quilt designers” in my family have seen, anymore it takes a little bit to impress them, ha! *tongue in cheek*


Next up is a quilt with this color scheme.

Ft Myer1

We only have 3 weeks of summer holiday left before the little one goes back to school.  We are trying to pack in as many memories as we can.  Here, Miss Baby met Peter (the horse) on his way back to his stable.  Peter melted Miss Baby’s little heart with a most sincere and proper bow.  It is sweet to see a man in uniform taking the time to stop and chat with a child, and gave her his full attention.  Fun times, with much gratitude to those who serve in the Armed Forces with honor and dignity. [A most interesting side note – every brass piece you see on that horse is hand polished every day, and all the leather pieces are handmade, by hand and machine.]

Ft Myer2

Thank you all for stopping by.  Have a blessed weekend, Everyone!

p.s.  I haven’t forgotten about the winners of the Windham Color & Count giveaway as well as my first post on “the machine that could” – the reveals will be very soon.

I have a theory…

I always try to get a lot done by Wednesday of the week.  Over the years, I have developed a theory of productivity*… if  I don’t put in the work toward the front end of the week by Wednesday, the rest of the week would just zip by blurry without me getting much done before the weekend!

So, I have been planning, thinking, scheduling, calculating, pattern writing, piecing, stitching, reading, and trying to come up with a good name (you know how lousy I am in that department)…  all that in a day’s work… well, the first part of the week’s work! In truth, and the highfalutin mumbo jumbo aside, I have just been trying to dig myself out of my work pile. :)


So what do you think of my theory of productivity?  Do you feel the same way I do about Wednesdays?

While, I still have a few hours left on this Wednesday, I’d better get myself in gear to finish up what I started this morning…. and oh, I still have to decide on that name!!!  More details to come on that name — when I am finally able to share!

Thank you for stopping by, Dear Friends!  May God bless you all!!  Hugs!


*Back story on my obsession with efficiency and productivity:  As a primary (elementary) school kid, I used to loyally read self-help books and columns on how to be a better (and more productive) student. And thereon after, efficiency grew to be a lifelong and ongoing pursuit! My husband looked at me with this perplexed look when I told him what I used to do for childhood passtime. So…. I’ve NEVER claimed to be the cool kid in the crowd, HA!

Announcing Giveaway Winner & Answering….

… a couple of “pressing” questions!  I have been asked by quite a few whether I have a Facebook or Instagram Page.  Answer is… I don’t, regretfully.  At my current phase of life, I only enough time to keep my blog somewhat updated. Though I have thought of being on Twitter, but my life is SORELY and DISMALLY un-interesting…

Now, as promised… the winner of my Machine Quilting Level 2 DVD giveaway is: #92 Cecilia! Congrats — an email is sent to you.  Please email me at if somehow my email doesn’t reach you!


You may read more about the quilting class here.


Meanwhile, if you would like to have the information cards about BOTH of my online machine quilting classes with $5 off coupon for your quilting groups or events, please do not hesitate to email me!  I am more than happy to mail them to you.


Rogers Sewing Center in northwest Arkansas is displaying the class sample I made for the class!  Stop by to see it if you haven’t already. More importantly, I want you to meet the RSC team – Dan, Rhonda and Kathy!  You won’t regret your visit… I can promise you that much!  Many more of the sample pictures are posted here.


I thought I would also show you my tropical fruit salsa made with papaya and mango.  I was a bit skeptical about how it would taste even though I love papayas and mangoes by themselves, but the salsa turned out really deliciously summer-ish!


Our summer holiday officially starts tonight.  To think I hadn’t though I would cope with Miss Baby starting and being in school two years ago… well, she will be a First Grader this Fall. Where did the time go?  We have lots planned for the summer, including a quilty summer project.  Stay tuned!

SO — curious mind wants to know what variations of salsa you have made using ingredients other than tomatoes!

Wednesday’s Ramblings

Hello Friends,  I hope you are well.  Just want to check in with you quickly.  First off, one down — two more to go. :)


Meanwhile, our rhododendron bush has bloomed!


Many with whom I work, and have to come love are gearing up for this year’s Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis… wish I were there… but I am comforted (somehow) my quilts and designs will be there.

logo-220 (1)

Come back tomorrow – I will have some in-progress pictures to share with you, as well as a couple of Anne of Green Gables snippets relating to quilting!  I have been on an Anne of Green Gables kick these last couple of weeks because of the tragic passing of Jonathan Crombie.

How is your week shaping up?  I hope your week has gone well for you!

Color Me Raven Black!

So I tried to shorten the following excerpt, but I think the full effect will be lost if shortened… or you can watch the clip on youtube here.


“Dyed it! Dyed your hair! Anne Shirley, didn’t you know it was a wicked thing to do?”

“Yes, I knew it was a little wicked,” admitted Anne. “But I thought it was worth while to be a little wicked to get rid of red hair. I counted the cost, Marilla. Besides, I meant to be extra good in other ways to make up for it.”

“Well,” said Marilla sarcastically, “if I’d decided it was worth while to dye my hair I’d have dyed it a decent color at least. I wouldn’t have dyed it green.”

“But I didn’t mean to dye it green, Marilla,” protested Anne dejectedly. “If I was wicked I meant to be wicked to some purpose. He said it would turn my hair a beautiful raven black—he positively assured me that it would. How could I doubt his word, Marilla? I know what it feels like to have your word doubted. And Mrs. Allan says we should never suspect anyone of not telling us the truth unless we have proof that they’re not. I have proof now—green hair is proof enough for anybody. But I hadn’t then and I believed every word he said IMPLICITLY.”

“Who said? Who are you talking about?”

“The peddler that was here this afternoon. I bought the dye from him.”

“Anne Shirley, how often have I told you never to let one of those Italians in the house! I don’t believe in encouraging them to come around at all.”

“Oh, I didn’t let him in the house. I remembered what you told me, and I went out, carefully shut the door, and looked at his things on the step. Besides, he wasn’t an Italian—he was a German Jew. He had a big box full of very interesting things and he told me he was working hard to make enough money to bring his wife and children out from Germany. He spoke so feelingly about them that it touched my heart. I wanted to buy something from him to help him in such a worthy object. Then all at once I saw the bottle of hair dye. The peddler said it was warranted to dye any hair a beautiful raven black and wouldn’t wash off. In a trice I saw myself with beautiful raven-black hair and the temptation was irresistible. But the price of the bottle was seventy-five cents and I had only fifty cents left out of my chicken money. I think the peddler had a very kind heart, for he said that, seeing it was me, he’d sell it for fifty cents and that was just giving it away. So I bought it, and as soon as he had gone I came up here and applied it with an old hairbrush as the directions said. I used up the whole bottle, and oh, Marilla, when I saw the dreadful color it turned my hair I repented of being wicked, I can tell you. And I’ve been repenting ever since.”

“Well, I hope you’ll repent to good purpose,” said Marilla severely, “and that you’ve got your eyes opened to where your vanity has led you, Anne. Goodness knows what’s to be done. I suppose the first thing is to give your hair a good washing and see if that will do any good.”

Accordingly, Anne washed her hair, scrubbing it vigorously with soap and water, but for all the difference it made she might as well have been scouring its original red. The peddler had certainly spoken the truth when he declared that the dye wouldn’t wash off, however his veracity might be impeached in other respects.

“Oh, Marilla, what shall I do?” questioned Anne in tears. “I can never live this down. People have pretty well forgotten my other mistakes—the liniment cake and setting Diana drunk and flying into a temper with Mrs. Lynde. But they’ll never forget this. They will think I am not respectable. Oh, Marilla, ‘what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.’ That is poetry, but it is true. And oh, how Josie Pye will laugh! Marilla, I CANNOT face Josie Pye. I am the unhappiest girl in Prince Edward Island.”

Anne’s unhappiness continued for a week. During that time she went nowhere and shampooed her hair every day. Diana alone of outsiders knew the fatal secret, but she promised solemnly never to tell, and it may be stated here and now that she kept her word. At the end of the week Marilla said decidedly:

“It’s no use, Anne. That is fast dye if ever there was any. Your hair must be cut off; there is no other way. You can’t go out with it looking like that.”

Anne’s lips quivered, but she realized the bitter truth of Marilla’s remarks. With a dismal sigh she went for the scissors.”                                      ~~~ Excerpted from Anne of Green Gables


Two Fridays ago, I had my hair colored for the first time…. because you see, I have been consistently seeing these pesky gray peeking through my “formerly raven black” hair!  I told my hairdresser as long as I didn’t have an Anne of Green Gables experiences with the coloring session, I was good to go. After all, I did have a rather important event to go to.  I surely didn’t want to show up with the potentially comical visual effect of a botched up hair coloring job!

I was also saddened a couple of weeks ago to find out the actor who played the Gilbert Blythe, Jonathan Crombie, passed away.  So, I have been watching the Anne of Green Gables series by Kevin Sullivan for old time’s sake. My favorite scenes are the “Lily Maid Rescue” scenes.


Probably the best scene from Anne of Green Gables, with Anne’s recitation of ‘The Lady of Shalott’ being a close second. I’m also extremely jealous of Gilbert’s ability to rock out the hat. :)
Gilbert: Anne Shirley. What in heck are you doing here?
Anne: Fishing for lake trout. 

Curious mind wants to know if you have a favorite Anne of Green Gables scene?

Thanks for suffering through my “vanity of vanities” post today! :)  I hope you have a lovely weekend!  See you next week.