Behind the Scenes #1

I thought I would show you a few “must-haves” when I do pattern writing.  The following shot was taken a few days ago when I was writing instructions for a design where I had to account for more than 30 fabrics.


I am not very gadgety — so, except for my computer, everything else is old-school.  See that day planner behind my coffee cup?  Yeah, I live under the rock!  And that cup of coffee — absolute must have especially when I am needing to focus for calculating yardages.

How about you?  Do you tend toward technology, or do you tend toward old-school, or do you find yourself right in the middle?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a great day!

A Mother’s Love: Sneak Peek #1

Hello Friends, I hope you had a blessed Indpendenced Day weekend!


Now, life is back to normal… somewhat!  I have been up since 2:30am working on a very tight deadline.  Here is a sneaky peek for you!  By the time you see this picture, quilting is about to begin.


I want to say a HUGE “Thank You” to you all for your kind words on the news of my upcoming book Recreating Antique Quilts.   Many of you emailed me personally – thank you so much!  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to reply to comments and emails.  But please don’t give up on me just yet…. I have a few very tight deadlines in July, and I am working hard to meet them!   But I will make it a point to whittle down the emails/comments to which I have to reply!

00 RAQCover

Hope you are all well.  Do tell me what you are working on this week.  Hugs to you all!  I must fly for now.  I shall catch up with you later.  Love and hugs to you all.


p.s.  There is no doctoring or photoshopping going on here — that was exactly how the sky looked this past weekend – not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky! And do you spot that little white speck in the sky?  That’s the moon showing up at around 4pm my local time.

Winners: McCall’s Quilting July/August 2014 Magazine Issues

Happy Monday, Friends!   I hope you have had a great weekend!  I want to thank you for entering my giveaway (courtesy of McCall’s Quilting) of McCall’s Quilting July/August 2014 issues two Fridays ago.


I used a random number generator (, and drew the following two winners.  Ladies, I will email you so that you can email me back with your mailing address so that I can have the magazines sent to you!  Congrats!






Things are really happening at Ivory Spring with summer holiday being in full swing -with work and summer activities with my little family.

I didn’t know just how embarrassingly city-slickish my family is until we went to pick strawberries at a nearby farm over the weekend.   Miss Baby ooohed and aaahed at the scenery driving up to the farm, and was musing in the backseat how she wished she lived on a farm — she would just work the farm with my husband, and all I need to do is to cook.  And guess what she did when it came time to actually “work the farm” and pick the strawberries?  She didn’t want to get her hands dirty!!!  Seriously!!??

What we brought home

And I didn’t know just how many we had picked until we got home — I have been frantically looking for strawberry recipes to use the berries up before they go bad.  I made some no-cook freezer jam this afternoon… and I think I am going to try to make a strawberry cake tomorrow.  I have a lot of strawberries to use up!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have had a great start to your week.  Do come back tomorrow for another free-to-use pattern!!  Hugs to you all.

Autumn Sky: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, the last couple of days have been busy.  I worked hard to push through a few things.  Autumn Sky is now on its way to the editor.  I am experimenting with quilting with straight lines.  Honestly, I find quilting straight lines MORE difficult than free-motion quilting.  I am exploring a few visual effects in straight line quilting.  I still have much to learn- don’t you just love all the learning opportunities in quilting?

Anyway, here is a sneak peek of Autumn Sky:


The fabrics might look familiar to you… yeap, you are right, the fabrics you see are some of the fabrics you see in my Bird Watching quilt.  You still have time to enter the magazine giveaway in my Bird Watching post here.


Meanwhile, our summer is shaping up quite nicely.  Yes, we are feeling the heat, including heat from the oven!!!  You see, Miss Baby and I are working in a bit of baking in our summer routine.  Miss Baby is crazy about those cranberry pecan rolls!  [Doreen’s bread recipes are the absolute best!!!   Click here for Doreen’s recipes.]  So, I am not the greatest cook in the world — I had to write Doreen and asked just how long we should wait for the bread rolls to rise before sticking them in the oven to be baked.  Doreen is  most gracious in sharing her bread making wisdom – thanks, Doreen!


How is your summer shaping up?  Are you doing any traveling this summer?  If so, where…?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to post about another editorial feature tomorrow — I realized I needed to take a few more pictures while working on the post.  Till tomorrow.  Hugs to you all.

Christmas Reflections: 10,000 Joys

Dear Friends, I have to confess I have experienced pangs of grief and pain amidst the joyous cheer and anticipation of Christmas this whole month of December.  I grieve for dear friends who have lost their loved ones during the Christmas season.  I have cried thinking about how much those loved ones are missed…

Christmas 2013

And yet, grieving for the loss of a loved one is a reality of life from which we cannot escape…


Then I heard 10,000 Joys sung at church yesterday, and my heart was encouraged greatly by the words “… ten thousand joys — enough to last through all the years; And joy to shine through all my tears — ten thousand joys!”


This Christmas, may the ten thousand joys brought forth by the Christ Child will overshadow the grief you feel when you miss and think of your loved ones who have gone on before you — with the assurance that in Christ, you will be reunited at the other side of heaven.   Hugs and blessings to you.



Standing here beside the manger, looking at this little Stranger,

Wondering if He’ll be like other boys?

Looking down across tomorrow, knowing there will be some sorrow,

I still know He’ll bring ten thousand joys!

When I am alone with Jesus, in the quiet where no one sees us,

Or when He is with me in life’s lows,

If I speak, I know He’ll hear me and to know that He is near me

Always bring to me ten thousand joys!


I know He came from God to save us from our sins, 

And that He came to set His people free.

But how was I to know when Jesus came into my life,

That God’s own Son had come to bring to me…



Ten thousand joys!  Sweet Son of God You came to me!

And my heart sings because I know that You are mine!

In you I find ten thousand joys—enough to last through all the years,

And joy to shine through all my tears:  Ten thousand joys!

Thanksgiving 2013

mums the word19

“O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” (Psalm 107:1)

My little family would like to wish you and yours a very blessed and joyous Thanksgiving.

The following photos are from our Thanksgiving table last year.  Can you spot Miss Baby’s contribution to the tablesetting?



Have a blessed day, Dear Friends!

Needle and Thread “Variation”…

So it’s no big mystery to us needleworkers how needle and thread are the staples in our toolboxes.  But what if we only had needle and no thread?  What could we do with just the needle?  Japanese artist End Cape gives an interesting idea… how about needle and banana?  I actually see a ying yang quilt design in his banana art in the following image.

article-2507301-1967AFAE00000578-140_634x503[image source:  Daily Mail, UK]

Click here to read the original article with VERY cool pictures.

Click here to view more pictures.

So tell me what you think of banana art.  I think I should try it just to see if it is fun…

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have enjoyed this fun post.   Have a fantastic weekend!

Quilter of words

Happy Veterans Day to my American friends!

“Permit me Sir to add, that Policy alone in our Present Circumstances, seem to demand that every Satisfaction which can reasonably be requested, should be given to those Veteran Troops who, ‘thro almost every Distress, have been so long and so faithfully serving the States…”

General George Washington to Governor Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut , June 28th, 1781


My friend Sheila of The Quintessential Magpie is a “quilter of words.”  She weaves inspiring words with the gorgeous pictures she takes from her world.  To start off our week, I am linking her post dedicated to quilts and veterans.


Click here to read the entire post.  You will NOT be disappointed, I promise!

Have a blessed day and week, dear Friends!

Reformation Day!

Dear Friends, Happy Reformation Day to you who celebrate!  Click here and here to read about why this day is special to me.

Last year during this time, we were greatly concerned for those who were adversely affected by Sandy.  And I personally know of people in the quilting industry who were greatly affected by Sandy.  This has been a quiet “hurricane” year, and I feel incredibly blessed that we don’t have to re-live Sandy.


I thought this particular stanza in Martin Luther’s May God Bestow on us His Grace is worth sharing in light of the aforementioned blessing.

“Oh, let the people praise Thy worth,
In all good works increasing;
The land shall plenteous fruit bring forth,
Thy Word is rich in blessing.
May God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit bless us!
Let all theworld praise Him alone,
Let solemn awe possess us.
Now let our hearts say, Amen.”

On the quilt-front, I finished this sweet little quilt!  More information about the quilt will be provided later.


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have had a blessed day!  Miss Baby doesn’t have school tomorrow – firs time since she started school.  I am going to have to re-adjust my schedule to her pre-going-to-school schedule.  It ought to be interesting.  I have kind of gotten used to having 2 1/2 quiet hours to myself each day, ha!

That time of the year…

The morning air being a little nippy, and it’s that time of the year — Fall is upon us!  Fall is a favorite season at our house.


I love all the comfort food I can make to make the fall season a cozy one.  What are some favorite fall foods at your house?

Thanks for stopping by!  Here is to a great start to another new week.  I will be sewing like CRAZY this week.  Hugs to you all.