Miss Baby’s Christmas Offerings…

Hello Friends!   I hope you are doing well.  I have truly appreciated all your comments on this week’s posts.  I have read every single one of them, but just haven’t had time to respond to you.  Besides catching up with work, I have been slowly bringing out Christmas decorations, and working on crafts with Miss Baby every night since the first of this month.  You can see a sampling of her our effort. :)   We have been making homemade Christmas cards for close friends and family.

I used the snowman craft to illustrate the concept of biggest and smallest to my little one.  As you could imagine or probably have the experience… those eyes were the highlight of the craft! :

This is one of  Miss Baby’s homemade contributions to our Christmas decorating.  A Christmas tree made with cupcake liners.  Though a bit wobbly looking, I am more than proud to display it with my vintage German Christmas pyramid.  You can see I have used an antique saucer as a tree skirt for the tree, and Mardi Gras beads for the blings.  I think that’s all that tree can hold!  Anymore, it will topple and is going to hurt some woodland creatures.

I have been sewing, though the progress is slow going.  Do come back tomorrow for a sneak peek of my current quilt.  I will be scarce for the rest of this week.  But hope to be able to get to your emails (comments) at some point in time.  Meanwhile, you all take care!

12 thoughts on “Miss Baby’s Christmas Offerings…

  1. I love it all but my very favorite is the snowman on the blue paper with crayon marks for arms. That will outlast all of the others with its loveliness!

  2. Those are very sweet and precious cards. How nice that Miss Baby helped out too. Sweet memories in the making :)

    I really love that cupcake paper Christmas tree. What a great idea.

    Can’t wait to see the sneak peek of your quilt!

    Merry Christmas,

  3. This year when we took all our decorations out of the box, it was amazing to hear the boys say, “I remember when we made this. Ohh, I remember when we made that.” over and over. It made all those crafts so worth it! Keep it up Mama!

  4. That tree is one of the most precious decorations I’ve seen in awhile. You can feel the love that went into it’s creation. I would have never imagined that a cupcake liner could look so elegant. :) What a great way to spend time together! Merry Christmas to you, Wendy and your family!

  5. What wonderful Christmas cards Wendy. Miss Baby’s are just so precious as is the time you spent making them. I always encourage my gilrs to be creative !

    The smocked dress in yesterdays post was fabulous – fantastic smocking!!!
    Don’t know where you find the time to do everything.xx

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