Woodrow Studio’s “The Magic of Christmas” Bishop

Hi Friends,  it’s good to have you visit again!  I love reading your comments – please know that I appreciate them.

I finished Miss Baby’s “The Magic of Christmas” bishop on Sunday, in time for her to wear to church.  She  has been saying “Mama working on tress, wear to cho-ch” whenever she sees me working on her dress.  So, I was quite determined to get it done by church on Sunday, and I did.  That is the high point.  The low point is, the construction turned out rather nightmare-ish!  I told my husband it was a project sent to torment me.

The fabric is from Woodrow Studio’s “The Magic of Christmas” collection, and it is a dream to stitch!  My needle had no trouble gliding in and out the fabric.  It feels very soft and smooth and satiny.  But my trouble really began prior to smocking when I realized that I should have left the sleeve alone and have them pleated first, and not sewed them with the other pieces.  My mistake was not reversible.  My sewing mentor Annelle suggested using elastic to substitute for the smocked sleeve look.  I am telling you, nothing catches Annelle by surprise.  She always has a solution for my sewing drama went wrong!  She is THAT good!!!  I had a bit of trouble doing that, but in the end I think I won.  But anything that doesn’t go according to plan bothers me.  So, it still bothers me to look at the sleeves even though they are perfectly serviceable.  That’s the short version of the story as I want to spare you the gory and trying details. :)

The smocking plate I used is Harmony by Carrie’s Closet.  It is amazing how different the final result looks with different threads on different fabric:

As I was taking out stitches with much frustration, I was reminded of the verse in 1 Corinthians 13:7 “(Love)… always perseveres.”  So, I kept going until the dress was completed…. all and only because I love my little girl.   How I needed that reminder to persevere…

I am getting ready to start another Holly/Berry dress for Miss Baby for Christmas Day!  I sure hope it isn’t going to be another project sent to torment me.  But even it is, “love … always perseveres.”

Thanks for stopping by!  Good day to you.

36 thoughts on “Woodrow Studio’s “The Magic of Christmas” Bishop

  1. The dress is just lovely. I wish I could learn smocking. I just love it. That little girl will look beautiful in the dress.
    Well done,

  2. What a gorgeous dress, your little girl will look darling in it. Is smocking hard to learn, I’ve always wanted to try it, but never have.

  3. It is so beautiful! I really quit making clothes a long time ago so I don’t see what bothers you. All I see is the love that you put into making something so lovely for your precious little one. And she sounds like she is happy about it !!

    Merry Christmas,

  4. How very gorgeous! I wish I had the patience (and time) to learn to do that smocking for my grand-babies! This is definitely family heirloom quality. Miss Baby will love wearing it every chance she gets.

  5. What a gorgeous dress for a sweet little girl! I always look forward to seeing your beautiful dresses. I’d love to learn how to smock.

  6. Beautiful….I would not no there was anything that went arye if you hadn’t told me….you did a wonderful job as you always do….and Miss Baby must have been so proud to wear it….Blessings to you and yours and a Very Merry Christmas

  7. This is beautiful and you did a gorgeous job. I love the smocking–some lucky little girl. I know Miss Baby will look just beautiful in her dress.
    Moving van coming Sat. YEA!! Packing almost done. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  8. It is just spectacular and the sleeves look wonderful. She is going to be gorgeous in it. I always loved making little dresses for my girls. It is good practice for the wedding dress ;)

  9. The dress is beautiful! Always loved geometric smocking designs, and to be honest my stacking technique wasn’t the best so geometrics were easy! My daughter(now 32) still has one of the dress I made for her, and her daughters have it worn it. Its so special seeing the girls’ in the dress, so I recommend that this dress be packed away very carefully. It will be worth it!!!

  10. Looks just right to me!! I’ve never even tried smocking – I just don’t think I have enough love, perseverance or patience for something soooooo complicated!

    You may now take a well-deserved break! Merry Christmas!

  11. And the love shows! I like the puff sleeves better than if they had been smocked. She will look lovely. Did you have enough fabric for a bow in her hair???

  12. It’s breath-taking gorgeous! My daughter only reminded me of this verse last week. How sweet to have a 13yo remind their mother of something so sweet. I can’t wait to see your next creation! Yes, Peg, a hair bow with the same fabric would looks so precious!

  13. Wendy, you are doing such a fantastic job in making a lifetime of memories for Miss Baby. My mother used to make dresses with smocked yokes for me when I was quite young. You’ve brought back long ago memories of seeing her work the smocking details on my little dresses……75-80 years ago by now. Hard to admit it’s been that long ago but guess I have the right to be proud of those memories. Miss Baby will be, also.

  14. I look at it this way, when I make mistakes in sewing, the design is mine! It is not a copy, and I have just added my own personality to it. I wish I had a daughter to smock for cuz I don’t really think an eleven year old boy would go for it.
    A Note to Miss Baby: You have the most wonderful Mama in the world. She loves you so much that she does such beautiful work just for YOU!

  15. Oh Wendy, it looks just gorgeous and I love the fabric. One would never know the trials you had with the sleeves. Everything is a lesson learned for the next one!!!

  16. It is beautiful! You’re bringing a smile to my face remembering all the smocking I did in earlier days. I simply love sewing for little girls. I love that Miss Baby is excited about it too! See the love & perseverence shows to her too.

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