COVER QUILT ALERT: Snowfall in American Patchwork & Quilting December 2017 & Giveaway Winners

Happy Friends — Christmas is coming, and that’s a fact! :-)  I am very happy to share with you the news my Snowfall quilt made cover on American Patchwork & Quilting’s December 2017 issue!  This is my second time having a cover quilt this year in American Patchwork & Quilting’s magazine.  I cannot be more excited!!

Snowfall is a fun one-block-wonder quilt, using curve piecing.  But really, each block only has 3 seams!  And the quilt has more than 25 fabrics, I think.  You know what many fabrics means — that means fun VISUAL EFFECT!  The fabrics featured in this quilt are from RJR Fabrics’ Merry, Berry and Bright!

Quilt kits are available from!

This issue will be on the newsstands till Dec 5th!  Keep your eyes peeled for them at your favorite newsstands.  In the same issue, there is also a free quilt pattern download that I have designed.  It’s call Starry Night Square Dance!  This quilt features fabrics from RJR Fabrics’ Hopscotch.  The magazine has information on how to download the pattern.

Now for the winners of my pile giveaways:

Pile #1:  Debbie Rhodes

Pile #2:  travelingro

I have sent you an email with information on how/where to send the payment to cover the shipping cost.  THANK YOU FRIENDS, for being willing to take the stash off my hands.  Come back tomorrow, I am giving away a set of quilting motif books!  Till tomorrow. :)

13 thoughts on “COVER QUILT ALERT: Snowfall in American Patchwork & Quilting December 2017 & Giveaway Winners

  1. Congrats on the cover! It is a very beautiful quilt. I definitely will want the magazine for the Starry Night Square Dance. I love square dancing! Swing your partner and Dosey Doe!

  2. I love it when a quilt magazine comes to my mailbox and you have a quilt or two or three in it. WOW!!! You are a cover girl!!!

  3. Beautiful quilts. Absolutely beautiful. I love the curves Snowfall. Starry Night is also a stunning design. Not sure if I have ever shared, but I no longer buy a quilting magazine unless it has one of your designs! It didn’t start intentionally, but became a realization that the only issues that caught my attention were ones that included a design by Wendy Sheppard. They are all so unique, creative and have easy to follow instructions.


  4. Congratulations on your cover quilt of AP&Q. I must admit that I received my subscription issue but tucked it away to be read later. With attending Houston Quilt Festival, my Guild’s Quilt Show immediately the week after, and having a deadline project to complete I had not even opened the magazine. Oh Wow! both quilts are winners. Thanks for your continued inspiration!!!!!

  5. Better late than never! I was visiting a friend, looking through her basket of quilt magazines, and came upon this issue. Your cover quilt caught my eye, but whenever I turned a page and saw Starry Night Square Dance my heart did a little dance of its own. I quickly found the pattern on line and it has called to me ever since. Fast forward 6 weeks later, and four blocks now adorn my design wall. Thought I’d just make one block to try it out, thinking it’s just the right size for a pillow, so, win-win. I can’t help myself, I have to keep making them. I’m using fabric on hand, so don’t know how big I’ll be able to get it before I run out of background, but I’m so smitten. Thank you!

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