Gift from the heart

Debby combined my stitching butlers and teacup pincushion ideas to make a stitching gift for her friend.  She wrote: “I found another creamer, covered sugar bowl, and matching tray in a creamy yellow at an antique store to make your “stitching butler” for a friend’s birthday. I also bought her a small yellow with flowers scissors and an extra yard of material, the same that is in the creamer… It was easy to make and fun to give this gift from my heart to my special friend.”

I love that Debby added a tray to the ensemble.  It would be lovely to hold buttons and other what-nots before they are sewn.  I am now convinced that I need to get a matching tray for my stitching butlers!  Well done, Debby!

So, nosy mind wants to know if you are giving anyone gifts from your heart this summer.  If you are, care to share what they are… and if they are going to be handmade?

10 thoughts on “Gift from the heart

  1. How lovely! I bet her friend was thrilled to receive such a sweet gift. :)

    LittleGirl has birthday parties to attend this summer. I am sewing wristlets for the birthday girls. The first was a smashing success. The second we’ll see how she likes when it is received this weekend. :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Thanks Wendy for posting my “stitching butlers”. Even I think they are oh-so-cute and the perfect gift for my friend’s b-day, a gift from my heart. And a BIG THANK YOU for your idea and all of the easy to follow directions. ;-)

    with warm regards, Debby

  3. What a great idea, I have a friend celebrating or greiving as she likes to say a birthday next week so I’m off to find a teacup and will make her one for her sewing room. Thanks for the idea.

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