A sweet tale of Miss Baby and Smokey the Cat…

… and a tale of the sweet people who work at Windham Fabrics!

Miss Baby absolutely LOVES  Christmas.  She is very particular about the season.  She does not even look at the Christmas displays at stores until it is after Thanksgiving.  And if she is dragged to the stores before Thanksgiving, she would close her eyes, and tell her parents to alert her after they pass by the Christmas displays before she opens her eyes again.  She doesn’t necessarily love Christmas because of the presents she gets.  She loves Christmas because she just loves Christmas –


the music,


the decorations,


the crafts,

Gingerbread House1

and the Message and Story!


Miss Baby also dearly loves cats.  She would dearly love to have a cat of her own, but that’s another story for another day.  Earlier this year, Miss Crystal of Windham got word of Miss Baby’s love for kitties, and Miss Crystal has taken time to periodically send Miss Baby pictures and videos of Smokey the cat, the mascot of Windham!  As a result, Miss Baby has sort of adopted Smokey as her virtual pet. This Christmas, Miss Baby sent Smokey a Christmas card.


To her absolute delight, Smokey sent Miss Baby back a Christmas card!  (See below… Smokey reading his card with much intensity.)  Miss Baby reminded me last night she had drawn in the card a Christmas mouse pudding for Smokey (in place of a plum pudding)… urm, YUM, I think, haha!


Thank you, Smokey, for making Miss Baby’s day.  THANK YOU to the sweet people at Windham for taking the time from your busy schedule to reach out to a little girl.

p.s. I have had a lot of fun working with Windham this year.  Click here to take a look at the designs, if you haven’t already!  There are quite a few favorites there — and there are MORE to come!  There is one particular I simply can’t wait to share, but wait I must!