What’s cookin’?

So, what’s cookin’?  Let see… I added a bit of brown sugar, some ground cinnamon, a smidgen of vanilla, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chips to my heart’s content.



A bit of this and a smidgen of that…. and out came a Carmen fabric bundle (imagine that!) – not a easy feat, mind you!  Please tell me you are impressed! :)



I had mentioned to you Nancy Gere’s new Carmen fabrics, but haven’t shown them to you until now.  If you are a red/caramel/black person, I just know Carmen is calling you name!  Click here to find out who carries the fabrics.  Note:  the reds are more red than they are “copper-ish orange”.



So, what’s cookin’ at your end this week?  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope a blessed week awaits you.