DONE: My Aurifil Designer of the Month Block 6



Hello Friends, my Aurifil 2016 DOM Block #6 is finished!!  Click here to download instructions for this block if you haven’t done so.


The block construction of my block follows exactly the June block.  The only thing different is that I did the hand embroidery a little differently.  Instead of embroidering the wreath, I hand embroidered around a fused and fussy cut floral bouquet from one of the Blush & Blooms focal fabrics to give my block center a bit more visual interest.


I have been wanting to use the Blush & Blooms focal print in the Aurifil DOM blocks, but haven’t been able to because the scale of the print is on the large side.  I thought June’s block gave me the perfect opportunity to just fussy cut out a particular bouquet from the fabric to be fused on the center of the block.  I would normally use buttonhole stitches to finish off the raw edge fused applique, but I felt those buttonhole stitches would look a bit intrusive.  So, I outline-stitched (by hand) the applique instead.


I used 2 strands of Aurifil’s Aurfloss for the embroidery.  Handwork is always fun for me.  So I enjoyed the stitching.


And with that, I am ready for Block #7.  Oh wait, my Block #7 is already ready… because next month’s block is MINE!  That’s it for now, Friends.  Lots to get done still.  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day!



If you haven’t seen my previous blocks, here they are.  All my blocks are made with Windham Fabrics’ Blush & Blooms fabrics.

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Aurifil Designer of the Month 2016 Block 1 & Mini Giveaway!


Hello Friends!  I hope you are well.  Check out this Windham Fabrics’ Blush & Blossoms FQ bundle!  I am sure you know the feeling of owning beautiful fabrics.  These fabrics are seriously beautiful.  I actually didn’t want to cut into these fabrics…. but I have a quilt to make! :)  Click here to view the entire fabric range.


I am using these Blush & Blossoms fabrics to make quilt with the Aurifil Designer of the Month Blocks. And here is my first block, completed!


Are you following the fun project, and making the quilt?  If you are, do share your block on Aurifil’s Flickr page. And you will be eligible to win exciting prizes from Aurifil!  Click here to find out more about Block #1 by Heather Valentine.


I piece all my quilts with Aurifil 50wt cotton thread – the main reason being the thread is so fine that I don’t lose any “real estate” when I press my seams, and that ensures a more than satisfactory accurate finished size for the quilt blocks I make.  If you have never pieced with Aurifil, leave a comment and let me know you would like to.  I would love to know if you are participating in the Aurifil DOM 2016 quilt along.  I will pick two of you to receive a spool in my favorite color (2310) for piecing.  I know, I don’t exactly have a loud personality. :)


Thanks for stopping by!  Life is a bit crazy busy at my end at the moment.  But my little family is doing well.  And we are almost back to our pre-blizzard routine!