Simple Pleasures


Life is full of simple pleasures – as long as we take pauses to appreciate the world around us. To me, being able to sit in my chair and do a bit of stitching is one of life’s most enjoyable simple pleasures. Seeing a completed quilt adding to the coziness of home on a spring day is another simple pleasure.


I like the harmony in this quilt entitling “Simple Pleasures”. I am normally drawn to blocks that stand out, but this soft-colored quilt has grown on me. It will always remind me of a significant moment of my life:




The “Simple Pleasures” quilt is featured in the May 2009 of “The Quilter”. Kits to reproduce the quilt is available at


I hope your week got off a great start, and that it will be sprinkled with various simple pleasures of life! I will catch up with you tomorrow.

The look of harmony

Lest you think I have been slacking off on my quilts – well, I have sort of. I had a hard time figuring out the measurements of the setting triangles. The formula I had initially used ended up calculating triangles bigger than what I needed. Finally, I found this nifty chart on Karen Comb’s website. Voila, things have worked out so far!! This is how the quilt looks so far with the sashing and some of the setting triangles in – that springy harmonious look makes me look forward SPRING, especially with this cold spell (brrr…) we have had these past few days:


Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone. I am going back to some finishing touches on my Christmas decorations.

Temperature Gradient

While the outside is looking like this:


And then this:


It’s a bit challenging for me to get in gear for these:


The fabrics are from Wilmington Prints for a quilt appearing in “The Quilter” mid next-year. I think I am going to make me a cup of hot tea before I get started – that should warm me up to these summery fabrics!

Meanwhile, I hope you have gotten a great start to a new month! Till next time.


Missy had awarded me (Thanks, Missy!):


[From Missy’s post – the rules are not intellectual, spiritual, etc. Not really hard! All you have to do is pick up the closest book to you, turn to page 56, go to the 5th sentence and type it. Then pass the award along to 5 people!]

The book that is closest to me is: EQ5 Design Cookbook (what can I say? I am in my sewing room)

Page 56, 5th sentence: Click the Adjust Tool.

I am going to pass the award along to Ellen, Barbara, Kalianne, Michele, and Rosy!