Thread Talk feature in THE QUILTER (December 2011/January 2012)

Be on a lookout for the upcoming issue of The Quilter (December2011/January 2012). The magazine will be on sale November 8th, but I suspect some of you who subscribe have already received your copies in the mail:

One of my Thread Talk posts “Swirly Tails” was picked up by the editor for publish. I am so excited!

In the issue, you will also find my quilt projects – a playful version of Coxcombs and Berries,

and Winter Bouquets:

[After you have a chance to look at my Thread Talk feature in the magazine, should you have any suggestions or thoughts for the editor (whether good or bad), you may email them to me at I will compile your thoughts and send them along.]

p.s. #1 I am waiting for the aforementioned quilts to return to me from the editor for more picture-taking before I share about them on the blog.

p.s. #2 I have resumed working – sneak peeks within the next couple of days.

p.s. #3 A Thread Talk post about feather quilting is coming in the very near future!