Happy 281st Birthday, General Washington!

General Washington is regarded with high veneration at our house.  His face was the first face of a “public figure” Miss Baby recognized, a little after she turned two.  So, today we at Ivory Spring would like to take the opportunity to remember the General’s birthday.  I found an interesting read on setting the facts straight on Presidents’ Day vs. Washington’s Birthday here by former executive director of Mount Vernon, James C.  Reese.   [Personal footnote:  I have for years appreciated Mr. Reese’s work in preserving General  Washington’s legacy.]


This year I received the following note card from Mount Vernon Ladies Association.


What thrilled me was the little tidbit I found on the back of the card about how Americans used to exchange postcards to mark Washington’s birthday.


I thought to myself, “What a great idea!”  Maybe we at Ivory Spring community could do something similar with quilted/or homemade postcards next year?  What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ve got to run to get some work done for now… as  Miss Baby and I will be making a homemade cherry pie,

cherry pie

as well as a Japanese Fruit Pie later today.  Click here to find out why Japanese Fruit Pie.


Have a great weekend, DEAR Friends – and safe one too for my mid-western friends!  I shall see you again next week.