The tea strainer that shines with TLC

The reason I didn’t show you this other tea strainer I have in last Thursday’s post is because this other tea strainer had needed a bit of TLC, and I hadn’t had the time then to give it the TLC it deserved. I did have some time this week to give it a real shine! So, here it is… after being polished with silver polish:

The strainer is from Reed & Barton’s Francis I collection. I normally display the tea strainer with my Spode Sheffield pieces:

I am showing a close-up picture of the strainer. Notice the clusters of fruits. I am fascinated by the art of silversmith-ing, aren’t you? I am also fascinated by a lot of other things as you will see later (like how castles were built in the Middle Ages). For now, let’s admire the close-up:

I am showing this ensemble again with books I am currently reading. I wonder if you could tell what kind of person I am from the books I read?