The Elodie Downer Quilt

Hello Friends,  I had asked you about quilt you might have that were made by your ancestors in this post.  I appreciate many of you sharing about the treasured heirlooms you have in your family.

Today I am sharing with you a quilt that is as old as I am.  Pam of Oregon sent me pictures of a quilt that is treasured in her family.  I just love that elephant block [Elephants are big at my house right now because of Gumbo – that’s what Miss Baby calls “Dumbo”].

Pam wrote, “The quilt that came to mind with your question about “ancestral” quilts is one that was made for me when my first child was born 37 years ago. One of the older ladies in our congregation put together some embroidered blocks that had been done years before for a missions project. I used the quilt for all three of our boys, and now I use it for the grandchildren. Because the batting is of the older and more “lumpy” variety that has shifted a lot, I use it as extra padding in the pack-n-play.”

Pam also shared a little about the quilt maker, Elodie Downer.  “The lady who made it, Elodie Downer, died several years ago. She was a very sweet lady, and, obviously, I loved the quilt since I still have/use it almost 40 years later.”

What a sweet quilt.  I am amazed by how vivid the colors of the embroidery still look.  I love hearing about your treasured quilt, Pam!  Thanks heaps for sharing.

I have more goodies to share with you from fellow Ivor Spring readers.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, have a lovely and safe weekend!  Blessings to you all.